Inmate kills cellmate and hides body without guards noticing

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Shocking security camera video

from inside a jail in London, Ontario.

Video that shows a murder

that the guards apparently did not notice.

Tashauna Reid is here with the story

and the video that you will see for the first time.

What does it show us, Tashauna?

Well, it's pretty difficult to watch, Heather.

This is the case of 32-year-old Anthony George

who is now serving a life sentence

for the death of his cellmate Adam Kargus.

And this new video was ordered released by

a judge and shows Kargus being beaten and choked

by his cellmate in his cell.

The two of them are locked together

in that particular cell

that we just had a circle around.

And then you see a jail guard actually walking

by at one point in this video

and checking to see that all the doors are locked.

But inside that particular cell--

so, there's that moment we're talking about--

but inside that cell as he's walking by

George can be seen through the window punching

and kicking and stomping and choking Kargus.

So inmates at this time also were bragging--

sorry, banging and yelling

on their own cells,

but then at this point the next morning,

George actually drags the body from the cell.

And as you can see, many inmates around without

jail guards taking notice

and he leaves the body in the shower area

which is a common area for all of the inmates.

So this video was taken from a security camera

from one of the common areas,

but as you can see, a lot happening here.

And it shows that George over the days

that they had obtained the footage,

it shows George physically interacting

with Kargus on six different occasions

and on four of those occasions,

he actually puts Kargus into a chokehold.

And I want to show you a still image, as well.

There's only one at one point do we see guards

actually intervening

and as you can see, he's holding him

in a chokehold.

So George was scheduled for trial in particular

for this-- this case,

but pled guilty just three weeks

before the trial was set to begin

and is now serving this life sentence.

So life sentence, what were the repercussions

for the jail where this happened?

Well, of course, I mean, there were a lot

of questions as to why these two inmates

who clearly had issues

were even in the same jail cell together.

George is also a known violent offender.

Now, the court actually heard from a nurse

who said that she suspected that he might

have been under the influence of alcohol

that same night

and that was actually fact

because George admitted in court

that he was under the influence,

that he had been drinking

what is called jailhouse brew,

or what is commonly known as jailhouse brew,

which is an alcoholic concoction

that some of the prisoners make.

He also smoked a cigarette

that was laced with drugs.

So she had flagged that

and reported it to guards,

but instead the guards decided

to deal with the issue the next day

and then it was too late.

They said it was because of a staffing shortage.

Now, another question is why guards

did not respond to the beating.

There were a number of different alter--

or interactions between these two inmates

that were caught on a closed circuit camera

and that beating also lasted for about an hour

with the inmates making noise.

So a lot of questions as to what the guards did

and did not do during this particular case.

The judge ordering this video to be released

so people can see the fuller picture.

Heather: All right Tashauna,

thank you very much.