Destiny 2 Shadowkeep - Easy and Fast Level 900 in 1-2 hours - Light Level Grind on Moon

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hey guys Mackey here with a quick

destiny to shadow keep video and in this

video I'm going to show you what I

believe is the absolute fastest and most

reliable way to easily reach light level

900 in the DLC I've seen a lot of

different methods kind of floating

around the internet and I've noticed a

couple kind of relied on the fact that

you played a ton of destiny in the last

year which I know doesn't apply to a lot

of people and then some of them also

kind of expected you to just get really

lucky with chests this method is super

reproducible and super easy to do what

you want to do is start on the moon and

start by the spawn near Eris morn now

once you're there what you'll want to do

is grab your Sparrow and then ride it to

anchors light and as soon as you enter

anchors light you should notice an enemy

called the trove guardian to the

right-hand side all you want to do is

take him out as quickly as possible he

will be light level 870 so it might be a

little bit difficult if you are a super

low-level I would probably recommend

that you just go through the shadow keep

campaign and then boost your light level

to 900 after you finish it if you do the

campaign you should end up being around

power level 850 or 860 making this not

too bad now as soon as you kill him a

message will appear in the bottom left

corner letting you know that a new path

has been opened once that path has been

opened what you want to do is go just

behind him and jump up into this open

space to spawn a platform now what

you'll do is you'll just take these

platforms all the way through to the end

and on the final platform there will be

a chest and this chest will always spawn

you at least one item that is seven

light levels higher than your maximum

meaning that you can basically add a

full light level to your overall power

almost every time you do a different run

now the beautiful thing about this is

all you need to do once you're done

getting this chest is open up your map

spawn back to Eris morn and rinse and

repeat this method until you are

satisfied you should be able to get to

at least light level 900 if not 901 or

902 depending on the fact of you can get

a bonus and you can also get gear up to

901 although those last two light levels

aren't really worth it and then the

benefit of this is also once you are at


level 900 all the things that you would

normally get powerful engrams for should

be dropping in the 905 or 910 range

allowing you to get raid ready much much

faster especially when going for exotics

in doing this method I was able to go

from power level 860 to 900 in less than

one hour and if I started at level 800 I

could probably get to level 900 and

maybe an hour or two which i think is

reasonable for most players you don't

want to boost this way too early as

there isn't really as good of a benefit

if you do it too early since you need to

do the story for shadow keep anyways

you'll kind of end up wasting a little

bit of your own time if you do it right

out of the gate nonetheless guys I

didn't want to share this method with

you I saw some other methods on the

internet that I tried as well but they

were not nearly as effective thanks for

watching share the video with a friend

hope it was helpful drop a like some

more destiny players can play let me

know in the comments down below what you

think of shadow keep shout out to

everyone at patreon for supporting the

show shout it to the below and hopefully

I see you guys soon peace