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let's move on straight into the video

guys take off for tuning in this is Raj

in 1080p baby in my today's video I'm

gonna share guys how to hit 90 overall

you know one minute 15 seconds baby

before getting this video maybe make

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man your boy screams daily and make

videos same time best of both worlds but

first thing you want to do is baby you

want to hit your team practice do any

practice that you please I'm gonna speed

this up and as you see I'm working on

this deep deep range that I right now

trying to get desire right so I can

shoot contested shot so baby you feel me

BAM did you go right now is y'all see I

hit a hundred percent team practice

you'll have to go once you get that team

practice which one does do it to your

neighborhood make sure you got a little

audience around a statue and you want to

come around find a nice little area get

getting right make it look nice find you

a spot level walk did you come back um

okay then you hit 90 simple as date that

you guys are tuning in man make sure you

leave that light if you don't like leave

that dislike you feel me

it makes you subscribe to the channel

man we got more videos and last screams

on the way