How Anyone Can Get a PERFECT 850 Credit Score [2019]

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hey guys so if you want to learn how

they get the perfect 850 credit score

then this video is for you I'm a flight

hacking expert who's traveled to more

than 39 different destinations for free

using credit card points keep watching

this video till the end because I'm

going to show you step by step how to

boost your credit score fast so kick

things off first of all if we want to

get to an 850 credit score we need to

know what is our credit score so if you

have an American Express card Discover

card or a Citi card you can log in there

and they'll give you your credit score

for free on their online portals you can

also register for credit karma and

they'll do a free credit score online

and finally annual credit

allows you to get your credit report

from all three bureaus for free once a

year so to kick things off let's just

talk about where did the credit score

come from and the original credit score

was developed by the Fair Isaac

corporation and now it's known as the

FICO score and it's used by the three

major credit bureaus to determine how

likely you are to repay your bills

credit scores themselves they range from

a three hundred all the way up to an 850

looking at the distribution overall any

credit score that's above a six seventy

is considered good anything in a six

seventy to three hundred range is

continued to either fair or very poor if

you're in the group of fair or very poor

and want to boost up your credit score

check out this video up here I talked

about secured credit cards and that's

one of the best way to build your credit

score really fast but for the rest of us

if we're in that six 70 and above range

this is our opportunity to get that

loose of eight hundred fifty credit

score now the truth is that perfect 850

credit score isn't gonna really make a

big difference when it comes to getting

the top credit cards or the top mortgage

rates the truth is if you have a 760 or

above you're going to qualify for all

the best mortgage rates and all the best

credit cards

so going from 760 up to 850 is

definitely gonna win you bragging rights

and even if it's not gonna get us

anything else in terms of credit cards

or mortgage rates for everyone else

these tips are going to help you boost

your credit score maybe from a seven

thirty up to a seven sixty or four seven

sixty up to an eight hundred and hi

your credit score is but whether it's

going to be for you overall because you

never know how life can throw obstacles

at us and sometimes our credit

utilization may go a little too high

which will have a negative effect on

their credit score but overall the

higher our credit score the better it's

going to be for us because it saves us

money on interest rates on credit card

sign the bonuses on all sorts of

different things where the Fair Isaac

score really comes in so now let's talk

about step by step how to get that 850

credit score we're going to go over six

main components to get that 850 credit

score in order of importance so the

first and most important one is credit

utilization so what this means is how

much of your available credit

are you using so say for example we have

five different credit cards each with a

balance or a credit limit of $10,000 and

their total credit limit is $50,000 for

us to score an 850 we need to keep our

credit utilization in a 0 to 9 percent

range so that means our total available

$50,000 we can only have up to $10,000

on our credit cards when they say on our

credit cards I mean I don't mean holding

a balance what I mean is actually

spending money on that car even if

you're like me and you pay off your

balance every month but you spend over

$10,000 in a single month that's going

to negatively affect your credit score

so the way to get that 850 score is say

you spend $15,000 and it puts you at a

higher than 9 percent utilization what

you can do is go in and make a payment

early so reduce a balance down to say

$5,000 that look at you into the 5

percent range make a payment $10,000 or

make a payment of $12,000 and they'll

get you into that zero to nine percent

rate it takes a lot of work to pay off

balances early and keep track of things

but to get that perfection of the 850

score this is what you have to do so the

second ranking factor is payment history

so this basically means do you pay your

credit card bill every month an easy way

to ensure that that happens is you set

up auto payments I have all my credit

cards set up for other payments I pay

off the entire balance every single

month to get a perfect 850 need a

hundred percent payment history now when

you pull up your credit report and you

see that there is a late payment or a

payment missed what you can do is file a

report with the credit bureau and have

that removed that's something that I

found was on my credit score my credit

report early on

and I got those removed and it's really

helped me boost up my credit score so

the third ranking factor are derogatory

marks basically what that means is if

you've ever had a bill sent to

collections if you've ever been kicked

out of your apartment for not paying any

sort of bankruptcies defaults

foreclosures anything like that it's

gonna show up on your credit score and

it's going to prevent you from giving

that 850 you need to have zero

derogatory marks again if there are

mistakes you can go and file for removal

on the annual credit and also

even if there is a derogatory mark on

there sometimes you can ask for them to

remove it and if it's been enough time

they'll give you some leaned and so you

don't light either remove these from

your credit report one thing to be aware

of is sometimes we go to the dentist or

the doctor and they'll send us a fail

and we assume that insurance is taking

care of it and it turns out it's 30 60

90 days and we get these collection

notices in the mail I'm like well we

have insurance we're paying these giant

premiums why aren't these bills being

paid and it turns out that even the

doctor hasn't claimed it from insurance

or we were supposed to pay them and

didn't but either way these are the

types of things that really slip up and

show up on your credit report that can

be negatively impacting your score so

it's really important you pull up your

annual credit

we're putting the link down below check

out that report make sure there's

nothing like this I need to sort of

random thing just to make sure this

could be what's holding it back from

that perfect score so the number for

ranking factor is credit history so to

get a perfect 850 we need to have nine

plus years of credit history so the only

thing we can do is to wait and for that

now on your mark to hit but if you're

young if you're in college if you're

still in high school even you could

start building your credit score now so

say you got your first credit card at

sixteen nine years later at 25 once

you're at a college you can now qualify

for that 850 credit score I'm gonna put

a link up here for my best store their

credit cards these are really gonna help

you start building credit they're really

easy to get approved even if you have no

we're limited credit history and so

perfect way to hit that nine-year mark

just by getting started early so the

number five ranking factor is total

number of credit accounts so these can

be bank loans auto loans any sort of

thing like that and what you need to

have is 21 plus total accounts so say

you're sitting at 17 accounts you've got

all your favorite credit cards you've

got all the

bank loans you can handle i wouldn't

recommend going out and applying for

four more accounts just to his hit that

threshold this is a low ranking factor

I'm more so pay more attention to

reducing my utilization removing any

derogatory marks making sure all of my

payment history is on time don't really

focus on that 21 plus I will say that if

you have nine years and you only have

three credit cards that's definitely

gonna have a negative impact on your

credit score so that's when you want to

go and start applying for new credit

cards I'm going to be putting up a

playlist right after this video talking

about the top credit cards of 2019 all

with the highest signup bonuses so check

those out if you want to move your

credit score total credit accounts from

say a 3 to a 7 or 7 to a 14 or something

like that and finally the sixth and our

least important impact on your total

credit score is number of credit

enquiries you've done in the past 30

days so whenever you apply for a credit

card apply for rent apply for any sort

of line of credit they're gonna check

your credit score when your credit score

gets checked it gets reduced by maybe 10

or 15 points which is only temporary but

if you're looking at your overall total

850 credit score if you've applied for a

credit card in the past two or three

months there's no way you're going to

get that perfect 850 if you allow the

credit score to regain after these

credit inquiries have ended that's how

you're going to get your perfect 850

credit score so now I'm going to turn it

over to you guys

for everyone out there trying to hit

that 850 credit score which of these

factors are you gonna focus on and

really dive into to get to that perfect

850 now if you've learned anything from

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