Can't Bench Press 100KG? Just Do THIS!

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what's up everybody my name is rez door

but you can call me Reds and welcome to

rest fitness if you clicked on this

video it's probably because you can't

bench 100 kilos now why would you want

to do that for a lot of people 100 kilos

is that three digit mark which is like a

milestone that shows that you're no

longer a beginner in the gym and it's

kind of an impressive number in this

video I'm gonna give you all the tools

you need in order to benchpress 100

kilos before we talk about the method

let's talk about the benefits the bench

press is a compound exercise which works

out multiple muscle groups primarily the

chest the shoulders and the triceps and

it's the best way to build massive

strength in these areas it's how I've

been able to go from completely flat I

was a plank and form like a decent chest

so in this video we're gonna talk about

four things the first thing is the

preparation the second thing we're going

to talk about is the negative bench

press and third we're gonna talk about

the actual program that method that

you're going to be using in order to

bench press 100 kilos and for I'm gonna

add it some bonus tips for you to

increase your bench a lot easier and

reach that 100 kilo mark a lot faster so

before you go in and do anything if

you're a beginner you want to actually

know how to do it and how to perform

this exercise I mean if you don't know

how to do it you shouldn't be in this

video to begin with so first of all go

and find a forum tutorial video that

shows you how to benchpress and once you

know how to do it you can come back here

and I'll give you all the tools now as

far as preparation you want to do like a

pyramid warmup

I don't know if it's called a pyramid

warmup but anyways what you want to do

is you want to start off with a lower

weight usually just the bar just to get

the movement and just to warm up your

joints and then you do it for a couple

of reps you rest a little bit and you

ought add on some weight I would have

like 10 kgs on each side

depends on your level the important

thing here is you don't want to exercise

and waste all your energy you just want

to warm up so that your body's prepared

for the weight that it's gonna lift

otherwise you can actually like harm

yourself and injure yourself and that's

not good because you're not gonna be

able to bench 100 kills so now you're

probably wondering but hey dude like

wait a minute

I don't even know how to get there like

I don't even know how to bench a hunter

kills am I just gonna go there and do it

that's right that's when we jump into

step number 2 the negative bench press

you don't actually have to be able to

bench press 100 kills in order to

practice for it so here's what I want

you to do just like in the pull-up video

where I showed you how to start doing

pull-ups even if you don't know how to

do one you do it by doing the negative

motion so what do I mean by that

well the push motion that's the

difficult one the one where you're just

holding against the weight while it goes

down with gravity that's the easy part

that's where our muscles are a lot

stronger they can actually handle more

weight so if you can do like 90 kilos 4

5 6 reps or 3 reps for this you're gonna

have to have a friend that you trust

who's behind you and that can spot you

so once you're ready to lift that 100

kilos you're gonna actually lift it off

and try to perform the 1 rep max you're

gonna try to perform this now obviously

if you haven't done it you can't do it


well what I want you to do is hold

against the weight as it goes down all

by yourself once it hits your chest and

you're ready to push up have your friend

help you with all this force you're

gonna see that you're actually stronger

than you think and you can actually hold

off that weight and you're gonna try to

do that for some reps

till like you you can't do it you can't

hold it off anymore and your friend

won't be able to lift it up use common

sense and don't try to do like a million

reps here where your friends doing all

the work by doing that you're putting

more pressure on your muscles than

they're used to after a couple of weeks

I will guarantee you you will be

stronger but you're probably wondering

right now like hey dude I can't always

do this with a friend that's right I

don't want you to do the negative bench

press all by yourself

so what I want you to do instead is to

do the drop set flops that means you're

lifting a weight that you can handle for

as many reps as you can and once you're

feeling exhausted once you try them once

you feel you're reaching muscle failure

you're gonna lower the weight

considerably and rep that out and then

you do that again and lower the way you

rip that out until you reach muscle

failure you lower the weight

significantly and then you rip it out

again that's gonna help you put more

pressure on your muscle in between those

times when your friend can't spot you so

the program that we're gonna do is

you're gonna do four to six negative

reps for three sets if you can't do that

just start with one but I can already

hear what you're saying you're saying

hey man I'm not even close to hundred

kilos so here's what I did and here's

what worked for me and everybody that I

know I couldn't even bench 60 kilos for

eight reps that's one like friend

suggested this method to me and he said

yo you've been stuck at 60 kilos for way

too long it's time for you to increase

the weights I was like what increase the

weights are you crazy and then they told

me about the negative rep and that's

when I tried it out exactly the same

method I explained for you to do the

honey kills

you're gonna do in another goal of mine

so if you're stuck at 60 kilos think of

70 kilos as your hundred kilo mark so

what you're gonna do is 70 kilos four to

six negative reps for at least one set

and then try to do two or three if that

you have it in you if you're stuck at

forty kilos and you're trying to get

50 exactly the same method try to use

this method for at least 30 days let me

know in the comments down below exactly

what you're benching right now and how

much you're able to bench within 30 days

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