Destiny 2: Shadowkeep - A guide from Level 750 to 950 and up - Tips, Power Levels, Artifact & more

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hello Guardians it is a bonta's here and

I want to cover leveling up in destiny

two year three so as of October first

shadow keep came out there's been a

couple of changes away some things are

gonna work so I'm gonna try and cover as

much as I can as efficiently as I can

now one thing to make note of when I

talk about gear score I mean the level

of your actual items and not your power

level because your power level is now

affected by this +5 bonus you can see it

on screen I'm talking about the white

number next to it 750 gear the bonus

comes from your artifact that is a new

seasonal thing basically the more you

play you're gonna be slowly giving

yourself an overall bonus power level so

you can see my bonus power is plus 5 on

my artifact and that is an account wide

thing so even if I go long on so I

played another character that's why this

character which is 750 gear across the

board like everybody else is gonna start

out is 755 your effective level in an

activity is your power level but your

gear score is separate so talking about

gear score just wanted to clarify that

in the beginning if you guys have

questions about the artifact leave those

below I might even do a separate video

but for now I'm just talking about

leveling up and gear score the bonus

just ignore it so your gear score is

gonna start at 750 there are gonna be

different caps as you level up this year

so the first one for this season is

gonna be your soft cap so the soft cap

is gonna be any activity you do dropping

gear is gonna take you from 750 to 900

that is gonna be the soft cap

whether I want to go to the European

dead zone and do a loss sector whether I

want to run strikes in the vanguard

strike playlist whether I want to play

crucible matches and I want to go play

some control or I got shadow keep and I

want to go through the shadow keep

campaign any activity you do any drop

that you get is going to continually be

above your gear score level and continue

to increase your level all the way up to

900 now there's a couple ways you can do

this you can be ultra efficient some

people are saying the Vanguard strike

playlist because you're killing a lot of

enemies so drops will happen throughout

you get it chest at the end you're gonna

get a couple drops from there and you

just keep running strikes if you want to

do it that way you can all

way up to 900 if you're a shadow key

player my recommendation though is play

the campaign if you play it at the power

level that you start at it actually

feels like the challenge is fair it's a

fun campaign and if you're / if you're

like 900 when you start the campaign

it's probably gonna feel a little bit

easier I'll be honest but if you if you

play through it naturally it's gonna

feel really cool campaigns a lot of fun

and you get some boosts from the

campaign I was like 775 or something as

I was going through and when I was

playing through the campaign

I got a boost one of my pieces of gear

dropped it like 815 it was like a kind

of a story gear story piece of gear that

you need to get but the first piece

dropped at 8:15 that was a big boost in

power level which again up to my average

and therefore my drops got still you

know keep kept going higher by the time

I was done I had a little bit more to do

I kept playing on the moon I ran a

couple strikes but basically just have

to get up to 900 parallel that's what

you're going for that is the soft cap

and that is when the game changes so I'm

gonna switch over to character who is

like 901 so you guys can see what I'm

talking about alright so you will have

noticed the director has changed there's

all these little yellow icons everywhere

those are gonna be your sources of

powerful gear so the next stage of your

power level climb is gonna be from 900

to 950 this is gonna be your powerful

gear cap now what is gonna get you up to

950 well you've got one thing called

prime Ingram's before I even get into

the challenges priming grams are an

Engram that will drop just sporadically

and when you when it drops it will be

tied to your light level so say I'm so

now you can see my gear score is 901

bonus is still there as I said that is

account wide but I'm currently 901 prime

engrams drop 3 above your gear score

level and they just drop sporadically

throughout so as you're playing through

and doing different activities and other

things you'll occasionally just get a

prime into drop so sometimes they could

be coming from enemies or end of strikes

or just a random guy in the middle of a

mission you never know but they can drop

from basically anywhere and the nice

thing about prime engrams they're gonna

continue to help you out just by playing

normal activities so it's not just like

certain things that you have to do so

that will drop it

three so say that one drops at 9:04 it

will appear up here in my in Graham slot

and as soon as you get that if you're in

the middle of a mission obviously finish

the mission but as soon as you're as

soon as you get a prime in Graham it is

beneficial for you to go turn it in

quickly because it is actually tied to a

specific power level you don't want to

go do a whole bunch of other things I'm

about to tell you and then go turn in

your prime in Graham because you might

be over that level and not get the

benefit from it from them so if you do

see a prime in Graham drop it is

important to make sure you go to the

tower talk to the Crypt arc which if

you're new once you hit nine hundred the

Crypt arc is pretty close to the

Lightning zone right here go talk to him

and he's gonna be the one who's gonna

decrypt to that in Graham and give your

piece of gear so that is an important

thing to make note of prime minute wait

on those it makes you turn those in

quickly now all the little yellow icons

are related to weekly challenges now

weekly challenges are exactly that each

week on Tuesday at 10 a.m. Pacific the

game goes through a weekly reset it

resets all of these activities it resets

the raid so you can go get drops in

there it's going to reset all of those


now weekly challenges are something you

cannot continuously do all week long you

get one run at this and then you get

this drop and you're done and you can

move on to other activities so take

strikes for example you could run

strikes all the way up to 900 if you

want to but once you get 900 this

challenge underscore will show up at the

bottom complete strikes using the same

subclass element as the currently active

elements will burn so from right here

and I see Vanguard strikes solar cinge

is what it's talking about so if I come

up here and I quit the solar subclass

and I complete three strikes as a solar

subclass and I match that burn then I'm

gonna get a powerful gear drop now

powerful gear Tier one it's gonna be

pretty similar to a prime minutes going

to be plus three it might be plus two

but generally they're about plus three

as well and it's gonna drop for any slot

remember all of these are still random

so whether it's a prime in gram whether

it's a powerful in gram win one of those

drops it's going to drop for any of your

eight slots it could be a class item it

could be a heavy weapon it could be a

helmet doesn't really matter now

sometimes you

feel like you get more benefit out of

some of these than others so I kind of

want to explain why my gear score is 901

that is the average of all my gear some

may be higher some may be lower so if I

get a powerful gear drop from doing

those three strikes and I get it at 904

well if I get a 904 class item and my

current class item is 900 well that's a

four level boost that's even more than I

expected that's a nice little bonus so

that actually takes me up a little more

than I expected

that's a good thing but for example it's

over here on my energy weapon I get

another energy weapon from that powerful

gear drop and now I look at a one level

boost that's just how the cookie

crumbles and it is just gonna be random

if I got a kinetic weapon it'd be a plus

two if I got the gauntlets it would be

plus three well I got a chest piece it

would be plus four up here would be plus

two so if you take that 904 and you

average it out it's likely to help you

in some place or another unless you just

have a really oddball outlier from say

like an exotic quest or something most

of the time it may help you a little

more or a little less depending on where

that drop goes but you will be giving

some drops that increase your power

level your tier 1 powerful gear options

are as follows three Vanguard strikes

matching the elemental burn make sure

you match that please I can't say how

many people have run into that aren't

running the right one night fault the

ordeal running nightfall the ordeal you

can run into low level 5 times or the

higher the difficulty the more progress

you'll make now one thing I will state

right now hopefully this is patched soon

but right now if I did the strikes and I

got my powerful gear from this if I came

over here and then my second thing was I

did the night falls and then I got

powerful gear here it's not dropping as

a powerful gear drop so until you see

otherwise probably just do your strikes

and save off on this nightfall for just

a little bit and don't worry about the

pinnacle gear I will come back to that

in a little bit but this should be fixed

later on so you should be able to run

three strikes even to run five low level

night falls and this what I'm talking

about 950 basic level now we ran it at

9:20 yesterday on another character that

I had that was a little higher it was a

challenge but we eventually got through

that counted for two so first night fall

was one of five when we finished the

next higher difficulty at 9:20 then I

was 305 so

you're gonna be able to get some nice

drops in here the higher level you get

some of that stuff will get easier other

things for Tier one are gonna be your

cord matches which are going to be these

playlists in the middle and then also

Crucible labs and you've also got the

rotators so you've got a six v6 it's a

playlist that each week we'll have a new

mode and then over here it's a 4 V 4

playlist again each week a different

mode your rotator matches you get four

matches in there so say I do four

matches of clash I'll get my powerful

gear t1 drop for the rotator matches and

then I do four matches of control I'll

get my powerful gear tier one drop from

the core matches so again two drops in

there each week you're gonna have a

different flash point flash point it's

called flash point but it may have

changed up a little bit but basically

you're gonna go to a planet and you're

gonna do different activities public

events go finished lost sectors finish

heroic adventures and those are all

gonna give you progress within this

planet and then when you get to 100%

you'll come down to the the planet

vendor and you're gonna pick up a

powerful gear tier one drop from him as

well you know they're the other place

you're gonna have some powerful gear

Tier one drops are gonna be actually in

the tower so your different vendors are

gonna have basically bounties that you

need to do if you do eight bounties

within a week at each of these vendors

you'll get a powerful gear tier one drop

here as well so banshee shacks will be

crucible Zavala will be related to the

vanguard like strikes and things like

that and then the drifter will be

related to Gambon all of those are Tier

one and all you have to do is go pick up

the bounties of them what you're gonna

for one give you experience which is

gonna help your artifact level up and

your seasonal ranks which is always a

good thing so if you are doing

activities make sure you have as many

bounties on you as possible so you're

continually making progress on your

artifact on your season ranks bounties

are always gonna be a good thing to make

sure you have so just make sure you

swing by the tower if I'm gonna go play

crucible for a while go grab some

crucible bounties so when I go play

those matches I've actually got some

crucible bounties like these to go work

on so I can make extra progress

now that's Tier one tier two we only

have two current sources right now and

that may change a little bit

later but tier-2 right now we've got

clan exp earn five thousand exp for your

clan if you finish five thousand clan

the XP you're gonna get a tier to drop

now the only difference between tier 1

and tier 2 right now seems to be what

I've been told and seen myself as well

tier 1 is that like 2 to 3 range most

likely 3 tier 2 is 4 I haven't seen

anything drop at +5 but at least it's a

+4 drop so it's a little bigger boost

this one will probably take a little

longer to compete and the other place we

have a tier 2 drop right now is gambit 3

gambit matches whether it's gambit or

gambit Prime 3 matches will provide a

powerful gear tier to drop so that'll be

worth the plus 4 so currently this is

what we have is tier 1 and tier 2 I

don't know if there's gonna be a tier 3

later we'll just have to see but the

other way that you're gonna be able to

get gear is gonna be a pinnacle reward

now this is gonna be a very short list

of activities that has these so pinnacle

gear is gonna be as I said previously

the powerful gear cap is 950 so any of

these powerful gear drops will

eventually get you to 950 if you play

enough now come out every week work on

your prime engrams that are getting you

up there as well now I don't know if

prime engrams are gonna help you above

950 I kind of assume that they're not

going to but at about 950 that is when

you basically hit a pretty hard wall the

only way to go from 950 and I'm still

talking about gear score not the bonus

you get from the artifact your gear

score from 950 to actually having

weapons and armor that are 9 up to 960

is gonna be pinnacle gear drops these

are gonna come from the hardest sources

in the game whether it is this nightfall

with a hundred thousand points that's

gonna be one of them the other things I

imagine being up there are the most

difficult nightmare hunts that's a new

activity on shadow key on the moon and

those are gonna be like 950 or nine

eighty power level those are gonna be

difficult because you're already gonna

be maxed just to even attempt those

another thing is going to be the raid so

one of the hardest things in the game

but it's also one of the most fun

six-person activity a lot of

coordination a lot of teamwork usually

cool mechanics they're amazing things to

do but they're difficult so that's gonna

be one of the places for pinnacle

activities so it's usually going to be

the most difficult activities the raids

potentially the dungeon that is

becoming with shadow keep as well

basically it's usually just the hardest

activities that you can do are gonna get

you pinnacle gear and those are the only

drops they're gonna take your gear score

and basically give you any drop of gear

from 950 to 960 when you get to 960 your

gear score cannot get any higher

how does as high as it goes but as

you've been playing through all of these

activities you've been working on you'll

be getting experience across all of your

characters because remember this

artifact is season wide and you'll get

your power bonus the power bonus as I

said is gonna be account wide and it's

gonna be effective on top so say my gear

score was 960 and for some reason I only

had a +5 power bonus but there's no way

I would I would have done all that not

be much higher

but even if my gear score is 960 really

I would be 965 with that power bonus so

your artifact is always giving you a

little bonus just from all the things

that you do and since that is based on

experience it's gonna be it will behoove

you and benefit you to always be working

on bounties for any activity you do if

you go to the you know say you go to

earth this week go to devaron kay pick

up three of his bounties so when you're

working on activities on that planet you

knock out those bounties get a little

extra experience on top always make sure

you've got bounties for everything you

do that will help you speed up the

process on your artifact and also on

your season pass and unlock things in

their experience is not going to give

you a higher level but it is gonna help

you get a higher bonus level which will

benefit you as well so that is basically

it when it comes to levelling 750 to 900

soft cap anything you want to do

campaign strike story crucible doesn't

matter 900 950 just these powerful

challenges and if you knock everything

out for the week then your benefit is

either gonna be maybe go try another

character see if you want us to do that

or just if you're playing those

activities every soft and you will get a

prime in Graham drop but at that point

it will be pretty slow each Tuesday it

will reset once you get up to 950 then

it is truly gonna be only those in-game

pinnacle activities that I'm gonna take

you from 950 to 960 and remember if

you're doing anything if you're running

strikes go get bounties from Zavala so

you get bonus the bonus experience for

doing strikes if you're running crucible

matches go get bounties from shacks

so you get bonuses for the activities

and things that you do within those


so bounties are gonna help you level up

and get experience towards that artifact

and also progression on that season rank

and then the powerful gear is gonna help

you get that gear so 900 soft 950 hard

cap or powerful gap and then pinnacle

absolute top is 960 so hope this was

beneficial kind of a decent explanation

for you guys thank you for tuning in

enjoy the video I'll have more stuff

coming I just wanted to play for a

couple days probably could have got a

couple videos out

but trying to enjoy it so you guys can

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awesome so have a good one I'll see you