HOW TO REACH POWER LVL 600 FAST! 560-600 Detailed Guide (Destiny 2: Forsaken)

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hey what is up guys welcome back to yet

another destiny 2 forsaken video and

today I'll be talking to you guys about

how you can get to 600 power level

fairly easily and quickly now before we

talk about you know the grime from 560

to 600 which is for the most part what

this video is gonna be focusing on let's

talk a little bit about you know the 500

of 560 grind because I do realize there

are some people that haven't had a

chance to really grind out this

expansion that much and they might still

be stuck at those you know 5 2530 levels

so the first thing you want to do is

before power level 520 you can do all

sorts of different daily and weekly

milestones that reward you powerful gear

these will of course include things like

strikes crucible gambit flashpoint


and so much more the list religious goes

on now post 520 power these typically

will provide a much smaller increase to

your total power level nightfalls for

example will give you a +5 until power

level 540 and anything pet-related on

the Dreaming city gives you a massive

boost all the way up to 560 after 560

you're really gonna start to slow down

as almost all normal milestones will

begin to give you a plus one powerful

drop for the most part these become


unless you're swapping high weapons

across characters with a lower power

armor as soon as you get to power level

560 the first thing you want to complete

is the last wish raid for maximum

efficiency as it provides you with the

biggest boost possible as quickly as

possible at the only instance where you

may not want to do this and you actually

want to hold off is if you have lots of

gear that's staggered in terms of their

power level so as an example you could

have gear ranging from 15 different

power levels and that's not really a

good idea going into the raid because

you could really get screwed over if

that ever happens especially when you're

above 560 power you want to load up a

nightfall with ez burns and farm it with

a high-powered level team now what I

would recommend is putting on solar

cinge with heavy weight and just going

in there with sleepers or even whispers

the EP shotgun and slaughtering

everything and

running them now blues will drop a at

random five power levels under your

total power level this will help you

balance out most of the weapons in armor

you have on a specific character so

everything will actually have you know a

fairly similar power level overall

you're not gonna have anything that's

totally dragging your entire power level

down you know for example if you're five

40 and you have something at like five

20 that's not going to be the case if

you do this nightfall strategy now the

raid is the first thing you want to do

every single week because it'll spring

forward your character on day one

leaving you with seven prime mangrum's

throughout the week all of which will be

higher and scale with your level due to

the raid once you're done with the raid

you can continue to do some weekly and

daily milestones to up some of your gear

that's trailing far behind your high

power levels items once this is done you

want to jump into a tier for heroic

blind well event that has a recommended

power level of 580 you want to do this

well before power level 580 as it'll

boost your items potentially up to ten

power levels when you get higher in

power this increase will be

substantially lowered so do this as soon

as the raid is over with you also want

to complete dreaming city powerful drops

as soon as possible which will give you

a two to five power level increase if

you are under power level 580 but over

power level 560 Hawthorne decline XP

works the same way as dreaming city and

it will scale accordingly

everything else will give you small

gains if you're over power level 560

already this includes the flashpoint

night falls dailies weekly Zecora and

even the spider weekly bounty now side

note these spider weekly bounty has a

significant chance at dropping an exotic

so make sure that you're popping

fireteam Italiens whenever doing those

especially if your whole fireteam has

those active once all these high power

drops are done preferably on Tuesday or

Wednesday you want to complete all of

your regular milestones to inch your way

forward you may have noticed that the

iron banner powerful drop rewards up to

five power levels higher which is

actually really good unless you're

already above 580 power then it will

most likely be a one to two power

increase just like all the other

activities complete this once your gear

is relatively balanced and remember you

can do the nightfall trick if any of

your items fall behind throughout your

leveling process when you've done all

the high-power and regular powerful

drops on a character you can switch

characters and do the exact same thing

in the same order except this time

around you want to do several regular

powerful drops before entering the raid

on your other character that way you can

raise your armor level and kind of close

that gap between the weapons and armor

this way you won't get screwed during

your raid when a power weapon drops

especially if your weapons and armor are

very close together you can repeat this

on three characters and then you'd be

pretty close to 580 on a couple of them

once all of that is done the only option

that you really have and even though

it's a good option is to grind out prime

engrams it does feel like Bungie

significantly reduced the drop rate of

these so farming in the engine room of

the Leviathan raid is not a bad idea

they tend to drop six power levels

higher than your maximum power level

when you're between 580 and 600 power

and possibly more if you're lower than

580 so these are always a safe bet but

again it will take you a pretty long

time to grind these out I believe they

did lower the rate due to all the prime

end game glitches that were out there I

personally didn't partake in any of that

but it is what it is unfortunately we

all have to suffer a little bit as a

community due to those glitches whenever

you're running any activities or

powerful rewards make sure your entire

fireteam once again has a fireteam

adalian pumped you won't believe how

much of a difference these make when

you're on the hunt for new Forsaken

exotics if you ever do get one to drop

you can expect these to drop 3 power

levels higher then your max if you're

above 580 this also goes for any exotic

quest items you may have not done under

other characters if at any point your

primary is lacking heavily I would

definitely recommend running the

chaperone quests on another character

and it'll drop 3 power levels higher

than your max power level on that

character this can make a pretty big

difference if your primary is suffering

significantly now to sum it up in one

concise and easy to understand manner

powerful rewards drop at a power level

that is determined by your max level and

the recommended activity power level

Tier one drops are 520 recommended and

these include things like the daily and

weekly drops in crucible Vanguard and

gambits tier two or 540 and they include

the nightfall the weekly spider bounty

plus tea heroic adventure now Tier three

our 560 and they include all of Petra's

bounties that are weekly and even the

ascendant challenges tier four includes

the raid unstable charges in the blind

well known as heroic blind Wells and of

course prime engrams which scale in a

different way so I should probably call

those maybe like t-rex because they're

not really Tier four as they're always

going to scale to your level and even if

you're like five ninety they'll still

drop six power levels higher than your

overall max level the last thing I'd

like to mention is that having duplicate

characters is pointless as drops will

not scale if you switch armor from one

character to the other ultimately a lot

of this does come down to orangey and

you may get screwed over even if you use

these types of techniques to your

advantage but if you do follow this

strategy and have a little bit of luck

on your side then you'll be six hundred

and only a couple short weeks he'll i'm

585 right now and i only have two

characters so that just goes to show you

that this definitely does work my other

friend who's been doing the exact same

thing as me has three characters and

he's at 595 so yeah if you follow this

you guys should be leveling up fairly

quickly and at the same time getting

lots of new Forsaken exotics at the same

time thank you all so much for watching

if you enjoyed or learn something a like

rating would be very much appreciated

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i'll see you all later peace