[Black Desert] How to Get More Energy! | Guide / Walkthrough

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hello what is up guys evil do us harm

here tonight and back with another black

desert video in today's video we were

going to be taking a look at how to get

more energy in black desert so during my

live streams over on Twitch people have

been asking me comments section my

videos how do I get more energy and I

gotta make a video to answer that but

real quick before we get into it if you

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it without further ado let's get into it

and let us take a look at the basics of

energy so I'm sure by now you probably

already know that the energy icon is

this icon in the top left corner of your

screen the little flexing arm shows your

current energy out of your maximum

energy your maximum energy is shared

across all the characters on your

account so if you click the disconnect

button you'll see like this one has -

sixteen - sixteen - sixteen - sixteen so

if you wanted to you could switch to

another character do some gathering on

it invest in some nodes hire some

workers whatever you wanted to do with

the other energy you know exactly how

much your alts have at any given time

but yeah energy is super critical it's

involved in investing in nodes hiring

workers gathering whole bunch of

different things so you want to maximize

your energy energy is obtained through

the knowledge system in black desert so

the knowledge system is super confusing

and convoluted I will try to give you a

very simple explanation as well as the

link that will make your life so much

easier going through this anyway press

the H key on the keyboard to open up the

knowledge system this is gonna be look

really cool but also confusing basically

how this works you have different topics

over on the right side of your screen on

this list right here right each topic is

divided into sub categories

subcategories further subcategories

further so eventually after you get far

enough down a cascading list you're

gonna get a list of options so because

this is a character option and involves

talking to NPCs so I need to talk to all

these NPCs to get the energy reward that

you see right here so I'm gonna show you

how to do this upper class of haidle one

in the video right now because I only

need one more for so I'll show you how

to find it get all that information out

of it but if you go to different things

that aren't characters something like C

the C one is visiting different islands

so you can see all the different islands

I've explored already but these are

other islands that I haven't visited yet

so I have two more islands to visit in

this one and after I do it I'll gain two

energy so that's basically how this

works right you just click on each topic

and go through but basically you're TLDR

of each type of category character

involves finding npcs throughout the

world topography involves exploring

different areas of the world and

completing your map and filling it in c

involves different locations in the

ocean itself

ecology involves different mobs so if we

just click on one like ecology of calfy

on let's click on this one that I've

already completed this is for knowledge

of all the different Carew dos so for

getting knowledge on every single Carew

doe you will get the additional energy

points the adventure journal or various

challenges or NPCs that you need to

visit there's a whole bunch of different

things you can do to complete those so

those are actually kind of confusing and

convoluted but the link that I'm about

to show you will make it a lot easier

academics involved the different

libraries throughout the game so you may

have noticed in two more locations

there's libraries reading the books or

talking to people within those will help

you to get those life skills as they say

our life skills and yeah you basically

get the idea here but anyway we are

going to show you how to get the last

bit of knowledge here for the one that I

showed you earlier upper class of haidle

so I need one more NPC if you hover over

the NPC with all the question marks it

will give you like a hint the queen of

the haidle Market Street so you could

walk around and try and find the queen

of the hilum Market Street and blah blah

blah blah blah or you could use this

link this is on the video

codex website it's a really really great

link basically all you got to do is

cascade down so I'm looking for

character we're looking in people of

sandhya we're looking for the upper

class of haidle and i am looking for

grace lauren because that's the one

that's missing they just follow the same

exact order right so this is the third

one down grace lauren if i click on the

link it will take me to the location and

usually somebody has a picture or

screenshot of who you need to talk to to

find and after a little bit of exploring

I've found the person that I needed to

find so pretty simple energy increased

by one because I completed that section

so if we go back into our H key go ahead

and look under the character tab people

have sandhya upper class of haidle you

see it says it's obtained and I've

gotten two out of two energy for

completing that so if this link doesn't

work right if it doesn't have a picture

if it doesn't tell you where to go to

get it all you got to do is type in the

NPC's name into Google so if I go grace


BDO type it in go to the BDA database

website and look down here there will be

a marker on the map as to where you need

to go to find the NPC so you can see

that that marker on the map is right

there it's the red marker that you're

looking for and it'll show you roughly

on the map where you need to go in order

to find and PC so links to both of these

websites will be in the description

below and you can just go ahead and tab

through all of your different knowledge

journals and build up your energy

stockpile so finding people is pretty

easy right character just click on the

person need to find

to man talk to him topography just find

the location on the map also really

quite simple C go to the specific island

really simple ecology is the one that

gets a little bit more confusing so to

show you how it works for ecology I'm

gonna click on this one I'm in Saren dia

so I just want to do one that's around

here and I only need one more to

complete plants of sarin dia so the one

that I'm missing if I hover it once

again is the thorn tentacle nest if we

open up the website that we were using

before ecology ecology of sarin dia

plants thorn tentacle nest if I click on

the link this one actually brings me to

a map this time this shows me the spawn

locations so they're just south of

haidle and they spawn in these different

spots so let me go ahead and knock those

out so we are like exactly where it told

us to go on the map or right here and we

can see there's the thorn tentacle nest

so you just follow the guide go to where

it tells you to go to find the mob and

kill it and then start hoping that you

gain the knowledge of the mob or

whatever you've got to get also I should

probably talk to that because that'll

give me some knowledge and boom there's

another one node manager increased my

knowledge right there but yeah guys it's

pretty pretty simple just follow the

guides look for the mob that you need to

kill kill the mob and eventually you

will gain knowledge of the mob anyway

guys that's gonna be it for this video

though it's pretty simple

straightforward what you need to do go

ahead hunt down different knowledge

areas to improve your energy if this

video does help you to figure out how to

increase your energy let me know in the

comment section below share it with your

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thank you so much for watching once

again I'll see you the next stream video

or wherever I happen to see you thanks