How To Grow Taller in 1 WEEK! THE TRUTH !!

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I want to know how to grow taller

camellias tell me how to grow taller

the creators how to get taller oh hey

look guys in this video I'll show you

how to grow taller and only 12 weeks

many people ask me but Chris how did you

get so tall what is my secret tip since

I'm very tall tall normal short hop it

so I want to show you the programs that

I make myself and I used a few years

back to get the height that I have now

and now I'll show you for free so the

first exercise you just draw like this

and then kinda go over to the side and

just like strange yourself so you can

control her and the next exercise you do

like this and then you just kind of bike

I'm going to be honest with you guys I

didn't really make this program myself I

just found it online but I'm sure it

will help you gain a few inches okay

yeah let's see what other people online

has to show


how to grow smaller one week this really

works on who is short and you simply

want to be taller yes that's me in this

video I'm going to be telling you the

complete guide on how to get tall are we

telling you the diet the exercises and

other tips that you have to do so he's

got the diet and he's got the exercises

on how to get taller see I'm just here

to help you I'm here to get you taller

and reach that goal of potentially big

six foot tall I'm so happy you're here

to help me but before this video starts

I want you to click the like button

literally click the like button and now

because that's the first thing that I

want you to remember that you height the

shape of our body the shape of our

muscles and how they are shaped yes that

is 100% genetics okay so this guy

actually manages to contradict himself

only two minutes into the video first he

says that you can do these things to

grow taller and then he says that it's

100% genetics yeah um let's see if

there's another video here's another one

oh it's the same guy so he got a lot of

views on the first one and you thought

let's make the same video again as you

know if you're cool you got a big frame

good for the man you look like a boss

you can also be tall and skinny and look

like a freakin stick so let's start with

first that your height that is 100% with

your neck so in this video he says the

same it's 100% genetics great job my

friend let's see if there's another one

who can actually help us position oh no

not this guy

goddamnit okay let's see what he's got a

tree with a branch as you're holding on

to it the gravity is pulling you down

and stretching you and this way you are

becoming taller let me demonstrate

so I got two markers and I'm gonna mark

my height before stretching with the

black marker yes okay I am that tall

right now

and then when you feel that you are tall

enough then you can let's go I'm gonna

mark my height now and see whether or

not I'm taller than before oh my god

whoa oh wow

definitely much as long as you can see

that he's getting alike let's see if

there's another one what the [ __ ] is

that kind of an intro appearing to be

taller it's not the same as becoming

taller this is shitty video as well

dislike let's check out this from this

video I'll be sharing two important

methods how to grow taller that I used

that made me taller as simple as

possible then I'll share how to grow

taller up to four inches that can be

possible with the smallest person on the

world in only eight weeks the smallest

person on the world


okay so these two guys can actually grow

up to four inches taller with this guy's

video let's see what what else you have

to say method number one consume a

balanced diet eating right will make you

taller and feel better

eating right we make you taller and it

feel better do grow taller exercises

this is the exercise that I use to grow

taller successfully as with any other

exercise program the key to success is

dedication and persistence dedication

and persistence well brothers every day

am i right

never give up be that guy look in the

description box now is this just the

rest of the video okay so he wants us to

click his link

let's click the link ro taller within 12

week oh it's a 12-week program it's a

proven fact nearly 90% of women stated

they were not attracted to shorter men

of course they use sex to sell this

Jesus Christ don't buy this obviously

this is a scam let's see what else this

guy has got on his how to grow taller

chat how to make your penis bigger I'll

be sharing three important tips and

tricks on how to make your penis bigger

that I use that made my penis bigger as

simple as possible then I'll share how

to make your penis bigger up to 4 inches

that can be possible with the smallest

penis in the world in only two months

smallest penis in the world

I think if there was a way to grow your

penis by four inches this guy would have

used it already oh yeah so they also

have a website where they sell stuff

built penis comm real people real

results let's let's get back on track

okay last video I promise last video one

simple key to grow taller wait wait is

this my king I thought you sold his

channel this is actually relevant even

up to your 60s 70s 80s to be taller I

don't think I've ever met like an 80 old

say oh damn I still want to get taller I

just watch the whole video is just

another graphics video I love the

comment section on this you are full of

[ __ ] man you the type of youtuber to

give information based on what people

want to hear to gain views people will

never learn and people like you will

always explore that to make money out of

it it's a good thing that YouTube is

decreasing its pay so you can get an

actual job okay I disagree on the last

thing but to be honest this guy's right

so I'm I'm just going to be honest with

you guys

there's no there's no freaking way you

can get taller this video was just to

make fun of a question I get a lot since

it's really not possible to get in

taller so I'm sorry um for you guys out

there who are like eating normally you

can't really do anything to get taller

if you're only like 1214 you can still

grow a lot later but it's going to

happen automatically it's also different

from person to person

at what age you had your growth spurt

for me I was 15 or 16 I just went from

like 170 centimeters like 190

centimeters in no time that's very

normal and I did nothing to do that it's

100% your genes also like if someone

does a program to get taller and then he

gets taller and he claims it's because

of the program it doesn't have to be

because of the program just because you

did something and then something

happened it doesn't necessarily mean

it's because of that thing you did it

could just be that he hit this growth

spurt at the same time like

coincidentally I think it's really clear

that the people making these videos on

how to grow taller they're just taking

like subject of insecurities for a lot

of people who want to grow taller and

then they make a [ __ ] video about it

like a clickbait title like get taller

in 12 weeks and then they gain a lot of


so don't believe in any of it it's not

true there's nothing you can do

exercises are not going to help you the

only thing that means anything to you

hide is your genes and also when you're

a baby like how much nutrition you get

that can like influence your height

later but if you're really short like

don't go blame your parents for not

feeding you probably when you're a kid

they probably fed you good but it's

really just your genes from your parents

that decides how tall you will become in

the end so I hope you guys could use

this video for something I really needed

to clear this up since a lot of you guys

ask me all the time and I think that's

it and remember the channel name is

switching soon too my name Kristin else

and I'll see you guys in the next video

that's actually one way you can get

taller and that is by going to space I'm

not kidding guys because the lack of

gravity will do so your so your spine is

not like pushing against pushing it down

I suck at explaining things sometimes

you know when there's gravity it pulls

you down to the ground so you are like

spine gets compressed but when you go to

space when there's no gravity you

actually grow a few centimeters it's the

same when you wake in the morning you're

actually a bit taller than later on the

day because you've been lying down so

you can get like temporarily taller by

laying in bed or by going to space but

when you stand up again on earth you'll

just go back to be what you were before

so sorry guys hate to break it to you

but there's nothing you can do