How to Get 500 Followers A Day On Instagram (2020 Instagram Blueprint)

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want to learn how I've been able to gain

thousands of followers on Instagram keep

watching to learn my strategy so you can

apply it for yourself


okay so first off right before we get

right into this video I want to say I'm

not perfect at Instagram there's a lot

of things I'm still figuring out because

I just really started going all-in with

Instagram but my main point it's just

I'm not perfect at this game I'm trying

to figure it out as I go

and so these tactics I'm pretty sure

will help you out because it helped me

all right so the first tip is be


okay so many people try to post

different things they'll post fitness

and they'll post Beauty then they'll

post like go post way too much on their

page you want to be very niche specific

and you want to figure out what's your

mission what's your goal what's the

objective where are you going what are

you targeting who's your people you want

to figure that out first because so many

people get complicated and they don't

know how to just be niche specifics I

get so many people have so many

different hobbies I understand you guys

have so many hobbies out there it could

be basketball it could be so many

different things that's okay but you got

to figure out alright man I got to

figure out how can I narrow it down

there's just one specific niche that's

the way you're gonna grow the quick gaze

because let's be real if I find your

account and let's say I found your

account because you're posting fitness

stuff and I love Fitness accounts okay

so I follow you one day then the next

day you post something like a beauty

video I don't want to check that out

anymore so I unfollow and so it makes it

very difficult for you to grow over time

so that's why you need be niche-specific

okay so this next tip is huge all right

don't use BOTS

alright so many people are using BOTS it

could be likes followers whatever fake

accounts it does not help you it ones in

one day it did help you where you could

do social proof but now it just doesn't

help you as much in general you don't

want to try to bought your way to the

top it just doesn't work out like it

used to my main tip is you want to go

ahead and just start off with a strategy

I'm gonna go ahead and get into right

now and this strategy will help you get

off the ground at the very beginning

okay so when you end up going on the

Instagram all right you want to follow

people that is again in your niche that

you're going into the way you find the

people that's best for you for your

account is you want to go ahead and try

to find the top pages in that niche when

you find the top pages in that niche

you'll then go to their post and you'll

try to look at their likes and

engagement comments you'll go through

there and start following those people

as you follow those people build real

relationships with those people so many

people are dumb where they'll go ahead

and try to follow like mass follow a

bunch of people then that person ends up

following you back then you unfollow

them don't do that that's not how you

build a real engagement followers what

you want to do is where you follow a

bunch of them then you engage with their

like comments or their posts you comment

on their post you leave the like on

their posts they'll end up getting back

to you they'll see all crap

person's really talking to me and this

is how you build a real relationship and

a real fan base ultimately nowadays what

you guys got to realize is it's not so

much about fame anymore it's not so much

about how many followers you have more

than ever it's about how quality is your

followers I can have a million followers

but if the reality is only like let's

say 500 of those people are actually

engaging with my you know like my

comments and everything that's not a

good sign so that's why you want to emit

mainly and focus in really hard on just

building real relationships okay so

here's the thing whenever you end up

following these people in let's just say

they haven't followed you back in about

four days they haven't engaged with you

that's okay well just don't don't follow

them unfollow them then right but let's

just say they did follow you they did

engage of your content then that's the

people you want to stay follow to and

that's the people you want to stay

engage with now one thing I will say

this process is not for long-term growth

this process is for the very beginning

when you're trying to get your few you

know let's say about three to four

thousand followers that's mainly why

you'll do this you'll use a strategy for

that many followers once you get about

4,000 followers then your strategy will

change a little bit pretty much the way

it works is once you get about three

thousand four thousand followers then

you start having an actual engagement of

a group that keeps engaging with your

with your posts and that's important

because then those people will post

those people will push your posts out

there into the Explorer feed and get

yourself out there on hashtags and then

that ultimately help you grow way faster

okay so now let's get into optimizing

your account a little bit better okay

there's a big tip that I'm gonna give

you guys that a lot of people have yours

over they're not really paying attention

to it this big tip is called SEO okay so

with Instagram they have a level of SEO

they have a level of search SEO that

they have with it so I'll give you an

example a lot of people what they'll

usually do on their profile is they'll

just add their name but they won't

actually add a keyword about who they

are in your name field you want to make

sure that you add just a keyword that

relates to just what you're doing so for

example what I ended up doing because

I'm more more my knowledge is more so in

the YouTube space and so what I did with

my Instagram I say I put Caleb box and

then I put next to it YouTube expert so

what ends up happening is whenever

someone goes up to Instagram they can

search YouTube expert and then my

account will pop up in that search

results and that's how you kind of grow

because a lot of people will go to

Instagram and they'll try to find

specific people who's targeting in that

area and they'll search something like

YouTube expert and the way they find you


to be that way so that's a way that a

lot of people are overseeing they're not

really noticing that so make sure you

put that in your name okay so my next

tip is copy what works so many people

are not copying what works it's okay to

copy what works everyone thinks that is

bad to copy someone else reality is if

you take something that works from

someone else and just make it better

that's not copying that's called you're

being inspired from someone else's work

and the truth is whenever someone

creates something that actually worked

and went viral a post that went like

massively viral it's okay to repost that

it's okay to do a small twist and kind

of emulate that idea because the reality

is if it worked for them that means more

fans want to see more of that type of

content so if you end up posting it out

there you'll gain the same amount of

fans my next tip is make sure you have a

story posted on your profile every

single day okay so the reason why is

because just it makes your account look

more active when you have that you know

that little line or circle around your

profile image whenever you do that it

just makes you look so much more active

people are more likely to follow you

back because you're actually active with

your account so always make sure every

24 hours you have at least one story

post now here's a big thing that I will

say one of the tips at the end of the

day is make sure you have good content

at the end of the day that's the most

important thing when it comes down to

Instagram so many people are too focused

on not making good content how do you

expect people to follow you back and

actually be engaging with your content

you don't even have a good content in

the first place so try your best puts a

lot of time and effort into coming up

with a really good story post and really

good you know caption posts because the

reality is that's the most important

thing so now you may be asking yourself

well how do I create really good

captions with my caption posts so I'm

gonna be giving some tips that I learned

along the way that allowed me to get a

decent amount of engagement on my post

and some you know kind of tactics the

high views that kind of works really

well okay so my first tip when it comes

down to captions when you're writing

captions is make sure the first line is

a good hook realize that the way

Instagram works is that as you scroll

down you don't see the full caption all

right you only see about two sentences

of the caption so ultimately you want to

grab the person's attention so let me go

ahead and give you guys a good example

one of my story posts I posted recently

says the first line says I think

coronavirus is actually good for us so

obviously when someone reads that that's

gonna grab their attention they're like

what how could you say something like

that that's crazy so so for example what

ends up happening is people see that

they stop scrolling on their fee because

they're like what is this guy saying

then they go ahead and tap to read more

into the caption and as you read more

into the caption I went ahead and said

now before everyone goes crazy and gets

into defense mode on me let me explain

my thought process and so I kind of

explained a way to kind of like actually

like my real message what I actually

meant by that message but I had to like

really almost clickbait them and grab

people's attention otherwise there's no

way that we're gonna stop scrolling all

right you want to grab their attention

the first sentence is the most important

thing it's a hook and so when you're

writing your captions make sure you're

hooking people in a good way to view

some of your caption post is you want it

to be almost like a mini blog all right

you want to provide value in your

captions you want to provide actual good

information in your captions so it's

almost like a small little blog don't be

super self-centered when it comes down

to writing these blog posts or these

caption posts you want to be very much

more out there helping the other person

the other viewer all right because so

many people are so selfish when it comes

down to their content that most people

just don't want to engage with that

content so you want to find ways where

people can kind of be a part of the

story they can kind of interact with you

it makes them feel like they're a part

of the message all right so my next tip

is gonna be around hashtags now hashtags

is pretty important when it comes down

to Instagram and so you want to really

focus in on them so the way I go about

my hashtags is I don't try to do big

like hashtags that gets a hundred

million or fifty million posts on them I

don't do that because the reality is if

you do a hashtag like a very generic

hashtag that everyone is using winds up

happening is you're there's no way

you're gonna be big in that hashtag okay

it's very difficult you're gonna pop up

for maybe ten minutes and then disappear

okay so gonna be very very specific and

narrow on your hashtags where there's

probably I would say try to find the

hashtags that only have 500 to 500

thousand to about a million post in that

hashtag when you do so winds up

happening is then it's more likely

you'll pop up in the top feed their most

recent feed and you'll stay up there for

quite some time and so you want them

really fine hashtags it's kind of in

that range of posts my next tip is you

want to make sure that you're always

mixing up the hashtags time to time now

a lot of people what they end up doing

is they will go ahead and post the exact

same hashtags every single post now

here's the trick with that the problem

is sometimes the Instagram AI system

will sometimes see that as possibly spam

and so it ends up slowly kind of not

really shadow banning you but almost

like a shadow banner

so what you really want to focus in on

is always switch up your hashtags time

to time you can go back to the old

hashtags but you want to switch it up

throughout the entire week because if

you use the exact same hashtags every

single time it may not work well if the

Instagram a I and they may look at it as

spam alright so that's pretty much it

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