Submarine Jump World Record! 2181

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right what up YouTube Abram SF here

bringing you submarine jump the highest

jump that I've seen on YouTube haven't

seen very many ones on YouTube actually

this one is 2181 you will not be

disappointed if you play this game I've

gone up into the sky so far and seeing

so many of the different questions

answers jokes that they have when you're

going up in space I did not think

getting this high was possible I've had

maxed everything max speed max time I

don't know why there was a max but there

was and here we are launching up through

the sky past everything past aliens past

pterodactyls past jellyfish just keep on

going further and further and will

actually go through some of the words

that they say in just a second but

completely blowing past my last record

which I thought was pretty darn good but

this one takes the cake

of course right at the end we see is

that earth right there just barely saw


maybe there's stuff above that it is

really hard to get a high score in this

game make it work within that time frame

and getting everything just right

falling back down to earth because I

mean it's not really the best jump if

you don't have a good landing so let's

just fall all the way back to space and

we can talk about what we see going up

in to space in submarine jump perfect

landing let's bring this up and just

start off with the jump right here and

let's slow it down actually just slow it

down really slow like SuperDuper slow

why had the star get arrested because it

was a shooting star

why did Mars what am I to say to Saturn

give me a ring sometime wait 17 what

kind of music to planets like Neptune's

it's Pluto even a planet oh we're

running out of planet jokes already I

mean it's only a couple where does an

astronaut pick up his laundry at a

parking meteor wait what

I don't a lien Z clowns because they

taste funny why can't you hear a

pterodactyl use the bathroom because the

P is silent man it seems like sometimes

they don't have jokes for a while and

then they like throw a bunch in space is

scary with a scary hand up we go you've

come a long way does that mean you like

our game thank you keep on going I

almost thought that I was done when I

got around here still here but then I

saw that don't you have homework to do

we're watching you is this the end

nah like what if you ever got to the nah

whatever just keep on going I think it's

over every time I see a new thing I

think that's the last one but there's

always more and of course I hit my

highest altitude we don't know if

there's a thing past it it'd be really

hard to see what's past it if you get

past it please let me know I'd love to

know but I think that you're not gonna

be able to what do you call clownfish

with a tie sofisticated up we go all the

way to the highest score that I can get

and says is that Earth maybe there's an

answer no one knows anyway I'm Abram SF

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of course thank you for watching peace