How To Bulk For Only £3 A Day (3500 Calories) | Budget Bulking Plan

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this is me balking

the process of eating high amounts of

food to be in a calorie surplus which is

the most important factor for an

individual to gain weight

as much as bulking helps immensely with

gym progress there's

one downfall of it

the cost due to eating more food you

obviously need to buy more food from the

shop and that inevitably results in your

bill being higher i know that a lot of

people are starting university where

they generally have quite a cheap budget

and just in general we want to create a

low-cost bulking plan me and my mum went

on a task to set up a bulking plan with

these criterias

first it must be relatively healthy easy

to make high calorie

high protein and then most importantly


a lot of research and work later finally

came up with something pretty good

a four day long meal plan which has an

average of 3465 calories every day so in

total over the four days it should cost

us about 12 pounds

and with all that said it was time to go

food shopping

by far one of the best supermarkets i'd

recommend stuff just so much cheaper

than anywhere else

that's a big factor


this right here is 10 pounds all

together and then after buying the

remainder stuff we came to a total of 11

pound 99. here's what that goes

potatoes a kilogram of white pasta 12

eggs porridge oats

white bread 20 beef mince uhc milk


rice frozen peas black bacon baked beans

chopped tomatoes tuna kidney beans sweet

corn and then finally some pesto

if you missed any of that i'm going to

put on the screen now just a shopping

list if you want to get the exact

stuff that i've got here i've also

included an onion in there which will be

like 20p extra and one thing i got to

say the only thing that this does not


is seasonings and some type of like

olive oil but with everything completely

sorted it was time to start day one

for four days


so meal one consisted of a bowl of

oatmeal a three egg omelette and two

slices of toast with margarine which

results in a 754 calorie breakfast meal

two is the jacket potato and chili to

make this first chop up your onion into

a pan

then you add the beef mince followed

along by three quarters a tin of chopped


from what you've made so far take a

third out and put it in the fridge

that's for another meal

add half a can of kidney beans and then

if you have it some chili powder

again then take half of this meal and

put it in the fridge for another time

butter your jacket potato then add the

chili and voila you've got your second


meal three is a simple egg and chips

with bread and butter on the side and

some peas

that was my pre-workout meal so then i

got a workout in after that

i got a lot



post workout we've got tuna pasta bake

first you boil your pasta then you add a

bit of uhc milk into it

chuck in a quarter kind of sweet corn

followed by a third kind of tuna mix it

all together and then add some salt and


finally and this is gonna sound weird

but take a slice of bread and put it in

the blender

let it turn powdery chop your powdered

bread on top of the pasta

you then take that bowl and put it in

the oven for 20 minutes at 180 degrees

finally to finish off the day is a late

night snack just have two pieces of hot

buttered toast so in the end we had meal

one which was porridge and two egg

omelet meal two was jacket potato with

chili meal three was eggs chip bread and


meal 4 was tuna pasta and then the snack

at the end was hot buttered toast

overall the day resulted in 3072

calories with 152 grams of protein


for breakfast i've got a nice bacon

sandwich and some porridge


about two hours later we have meal two

which is veggie rice which is actually

really good

firstly boil 125 grams of rice add about

a quarter can of kidney beans

quarter can of sweet corn a bit of chili

powder a third a can of chopped tomatoes

stir it all up and then there is your

second meal

probably think i'm just saying this that

tastes really good a lot better than i

expected for meal number three we had a

nice cottage pie with peas

first peel up a potato then chop it up

into many pieces

put them in a pan and let them boil for

18 minutes when done add some uhc milk

and some margarine onto the potatoes and

mash them up

the mints that you made the other day

which you didn't include the kidney

beans in

that's for this meal add your mashed

potato onto the mince and then put in

the oven for 25 minutes at 180 degrees

this leaves you with a 978 calorie

cottage pie which tastes

amazing meal 4 is 200 grams of pasta

measured uncooked

with 95 grams of pesto and then finally

again just for your late night snack

two pieces of toast with butter on it so

overall for day two we had 75 grams of

porridge plus a four slice bacon


some veggie rice cottage pie plus please

pesto pasta and finally some hot

buttered toast overall this day resulted

in 3402 calories plus 150 grams of


one thing i purposely haven't included

because i know it's not for everyone but


i would recommend it some protein powder

actually a much bigger bag than this

a big five kilogram bag of protein

powder off my protein is 90 pounds

you enter my code and again i'm

sponsored by these guys so you don't

have to do it but if you

enter my code which is just joe you'll

get 30 off your order

so 90 pounds minus 30 results in the

five kilogram bag being 63 pounds now

one scoop in the bag is 25 grams so we

divide five kilograms by 25 grams

and that gives us 200 scoops of protein

powder in the bag 63 pounds divided by

200 scoops results in 0.315

so it's only going to cost you about 31p

for every

protein shake you have that's very cheap

for a protein shake you mix them with

water you have one of them every night

an extra big amount of protein during

your day again uh you don't have to do

it it's not included in the plan

just click the first link in my

description if you want to uh that's

just from my sponsors so yeah

oh we're day three right now feeling

good to be fair i i am enjoying this

a lot more than i thought i would be day

three starts with 75 grams of porridge

two egg omelet and two pieces of toast

with margarine meal number two we have a

tuna sandwich with sweet corn in it and

a side of chips

then for my pre-workout meal we have

chili and rice with some peas added onto

that as well use the final chili which

you refrigerated on day one

add 125 grams of rice into a pan and

boil it up

add your peas on top and there you have

a big 1 165 calorie meal

all fueled up i went for a big workout


to change


post workout meal we have a nice bowl of

pesto pasta and then to finish off the

night we have a jacket potato and half a

can of baked beans

with some margarine on there as well

it's later tonight we've got ourselves

jacket potato butter

beans so we're gonna have this meal

binge watch some harry potter with it

we're going through all the harry

potters at the moment so it's gonna be

sick could it be a good evening

so day three resulted in 3711 calories

with 156 grams of protein we started the

day with 75 grams of porridge plus a two

egg omelet meal two was a tuna sandwich

with chips

meal three with chili and rice meal four

pesto pasta and meal five jacket with

margarine and beans

day four starts with a pretty common

breakfast with two egg omelet 75 grams

of porridge and toast and margarine

meal two we've got tuna rice which is

125 grams of rice

boiled up add just under a quarter can

of kidney beans chuck in a quarter can

of sweet corn then a third a can of tuna

mix it all together and then add some

salt and pepper

this is another meal which tastes

surprisingly really good meal three

we've got bacon eggs beans and toast

four slices of bacon half a can of baked

beans one egg and two pieces of toast

with margarine on top

finally for meal number four we've got

pasta carbonara this stuff is good

boil 200 grams of white pasta while

that's happening fry two pieces of bacon

all cut up

stir two eggs together we've got a

couple more eggs here just because my

little brother wanted some as well add

the pasta to the bacon

then add the eggs stir it up and there

you have it and then after that meal for

your late night snack i just have like a

chip buddy

so day four consisted of 75 grams of

porridge a two egg omelet tuna rice

bacon egg beans and toast pasta

carbonara and then to finish it off a

chip butter resulting in 3

353 calories and 162 grams of protein

and there we go that is the four days up

one thing i want to say is it's not this

is not a strict plan you can change what

you don't like what you do like it's

completely up to you this is just kind

of like a good guide

you can follow it exactly if you want

keynotes make sure you go to a cheap

shop like lidl audi something like that

buy the home run versions instead of the

branded versions and honestly you can do


really cheaply that cost it all together

probably about 12 pound 50 over the

course of four days

and of course it wasn't fine dining but

it did the job

i'm also gonna leave uh below i think

i'll try and leave a

like a pdf file of just everything all

in one sheet

uh like what you need to cook and what

ingredients and stuff but if you did

enjoy it took me a mom

so long to do this and it took so long

to edit so i just appreciate it if you

could just like hit the like button that

would mean a lot and if you're new


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