How To Live Chat With 2K Support | Hidden Live Chat NBA 2K20!!

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you tube what it do man it's bougie put

another video for you guys and this

video I'm gonna show you how to chat

with Sookie support I'm sure a lot of

you out there have been submitting

tickets and you literally sticking weeks

for them to apply because they have so

many people complaining submitting

tickets this video is gonna literally

help you get your player VC whatever

problem that you have in 24 hours so you

just contact them and if they can help

you you're gonna get your sub back right

away and it's a 24 24/7 support so they

don't close at all

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offer to do me let's get into the video

so I'm gonna go to the this right here

how to chat with Sookie support I'm sure

you've all seen this before hosted one

year ago created by toolkit Mike I'm

guessing that's my claim maybe now look

at this nonsense right there's no link

there's nothing to click there's nothing

you can't do nothing so and also look

look right here now I'm gonna do in 44

of you out of 6114 found this helpful

it's okay gotta do better than that

alright so I'm gonna show you that I

have it down here as you can see I have

what you need so how do you how do I get

to that so you go to submit a ticket the

reason why you're not seeing me

click on submit a ticket it's because

you know how to to get community B I

don't want them to see my email

nonetheless though can't be too safe

alright so NBA 2k 20 and as you can see

mines pop up down there so you know I'm

gonna open it to show you guy that was

actually talking to someone you can see

it's working so I can type if I want to

you know stuff like that and send it

probably wondering how do I get to that

alright so if you go you put NBA 2k 20

you don't you know type nothing at all

and you don't see anything what you're

gonna need to do you're gonna to

download Auto refresh you're gonna go

and download it you click on it it's an

extension for google chrome and it's up

there right here but you click on it now

when you click on it you're gonna put

this timer right here one one second

alright so I'm gonna show you how to do

it right now you're gonna go to your two

key support right you're gonna click on

submit a ticket

you're gonna go to NBA 2k 20 when you

want this screen right here you're gonna

go to the extension you're gonna put

this on one second so you're gonna type

one second then you're gonna start so

what happened is every 1 second is gonna

restart the page we start the page we

start the page refresh it whatever you

wanna call it then after that's gonna

pop up down here and after you see this

pop up you just go ahead and stop it and

you're good

so once again it's super easy you're

going download Auto refresh it's a

Google Chrome extension you know to

download nothing no vibration nonsense

it's just an extension you can take it

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also if to and if Google Chrome don't

work for you for some reason it's just

not working try to download Firefox that

might work

once again I just showed you everything

live and there was no editing no nothing

I just added this clip at the end to

make sure that if you if it wasn't

working for Google Chrome you can go

ahead and get and do it and Firefox also

I don't think you can do it in Safari

I'm not sure why I don't think you can

but Google Chrome Firefox Internet

Explorer you can try it on those but

Google Chrome will work best in my

opinion nonetheless though if you guys

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I'll see you guys in the next video