212 cm Arm Reach Test

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welcome back and today I will be talking

about 212 centimeter arm dredge test

here are the topics that I will be

covering throughout the entire video


what is retest this is one of the first

given during every interview and his

eliminatory for those candidates who

cannot reach the minimum limit this is a

basic requirement of every airline why

do they clicked up to adjust the system

for safety reasons on an aircraft the

safety and survival equipment is usually

stone needle the overhead Locker

compartments for in deep storage

compartments in the lower levels so you

will need to be ever to read this in an

emergency how is it done female

candidates will be asked to remove the

shoes and raise the arm to a maximum

while on tiptoes you can take off your

jacket if you need more room to stretch

male candidates are allowed to keep

their shoes on they cannot stand on


the required height will be marked on a

wall with a sticker you will be asked to

come up to the wall and keep your feet

together your props should be flat

against the wall and the tips of your

fingers should reach the top of the

sticker you will normally be asked to

reach visit one hand at a time the best

way to pass the reach test is practice

and exercises bar hanging this results

in increasing the height by 1 to 2

inches but not instantly this process

should last for 20 seconds with a gap in

between and should be repeated at least

three times

dry land soil you should have to hold

the position for 20 seconds


Cobra stretch at least three to four

operations should be done with each

repetition lasting between five to

thirty seconds


last but not least the forward spine



then will they conduct the rich test

this is usually a part of the highlights

assessment day this is conducted after

the presentation and the written exam in

most cases if you do not pass this you

will be sent home


did you got eliminated from the retest

before do not lose hope try these

exercises at home and go for it next

time when you practice at home try to

reach more than 200 12 centimetres aim

for at least two hundred and fifteen

centimetres the day before the interview

that is varying the interview attire to


write down your questions on the comment

section below thanks for watching and

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