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right so today is a big day I'm hoping

to go for a two hundred kilogram

deadlift this is something I've wanted

for so long now last year around this

time last Christmas I failed 190 for a

single I got that last week I think 200s

in the tank there's a few things at the

moment where I'm a bit like all am I

gonna get it but I'm confident I'm

feeling okay I'm gonna eat some food

John I'm meeting John at 1:45 quarter

two we're gonna head to any time two

hundred kilograms okay so I'm just on my

way to meet John now he's at the top of

the lane we can't drive out we're

completely snowed in you haven't seen

the news this is most of the UK right

now but I'm feeling good

not sure it all depend as I say how

things go when I get in there had my

pre-workout I'm just going mental yeah


Hey hello I know it's gonna be a

nightmare right I'll pop this here okay

so you just turned up I'm looking

incredibly fine pinnacle of fashion

right now here with John


my fault



I guess I just landed 180 moot reason

that we go but I think I'm gonna jump up






go easy come on