DESTINY 2: The Absolute Fastest Way to Rank Up Valor in Crucible (get Redrick's Broadsword fast)

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yo what is going on guys did your ex

here today I'm coming at you with a

brand new video and in today's video I

am going to be giving you guys a few

simple tips to rank up fast in quick

blood so my first tip is and pretty

obvious one I mean this is probably

really solid I mean this is the point in

the video guys Rumble Rumble is really

really good for ranking up the crucible

you can get on massive win streaks while

playing Rumble because you only need to

get into the top three to win and once

you get your five win streak going you

gain you gain points you gain Valor

ranks like crazy so basically my loadout

I'm gonna run these spectral blades ace

of spades the retold tail which is an

absolutely nutty shotgun this thing is

kind of insane we can we can even give

it a lot more range look at that look at

that range this is compared to the a

kilos man I mean the Iquitos is still

like super good just because it can fire

really fast but the retold tail is a

crazy weapon and we're also using play

of the game so I didn't say you guys had

to try super hard but you know why why

not some of these games do get pretty

sweaty you do have to finish in top

three but if you're tied for third or

tied for a second it still counts as a

podium finish luckily so there is that

which is all good you only have to get

in top three and we're just gonna play a

few Rumble games and see the outcome of

each one just approved point you guys

and I'm not the best crucible player in

the world I'm not not close at all I'm

decent but I'm not great so even if you

guys are not the best at cursive all

this this can still work for you it's

like I said top three and sometimes

we'll only be like there's only six

people in a game so really you only need

two you only need to beat half of them

you guys can do it I believe in you

there's some pretty bad players out

there alright let's do it and pretty

much everybody should have the ace of

spades since it's super easy to get not

everybody will have the reach old tail

but it is also quite easy to get

do some dreaming city stuff but

everybody should have be ASA spades by

now and a good tip for Rumble is

definitely play around TV definitely try

to get involved in some like fights at

3:00 because you can offer cleanup a

kill after two people are done fighting

boy get out of here damn I wouldn't like

that kill what the man scared me okay

guys see you guys you can you can kind

of stop in these Rumble games I got that

kill - easy peasy lemon squeezy

oh look another kill you can clean up I

mean it's just crazy just got a round

robin - I killed everybody in the lobby

and in this one life

Oh No

Oh No

what is hopper could be our news feed

just nutty boys please stop

what is happening

oh no he said pressure are you kidding

me I'm suppressed murder like I really

wanted me dead

no I want another that Nova Worf get

away from me

oh my god your little handheld Nova so

guys there's the win pretty decisive

victory there and there's our podium

finish two point three three KD

definitely most damaged in the lobby ten

streak let's go oh I give me ten master

workers - it's a pretty nice

I'll take that you don't mind

you should definitely play for heavy in

this IV is uh especially good I could

hear this guy loading a shotgun around

the corner Oh No

Oh actually got that kill sick oh my god

what are you hitting me with okay

okay I'll take one of those don't know

what happened there Oh nose is running

didn't I just kill this guy jeez I feel

bad for him get back here Wow out of ya

Oh get out of there

let me just burn to death gets out of

here good sir I must have our super I

just got my chaperone West thing done

now stop get that oh no oh this guy's

using the bone it hurts yup come around

this corner come around this corner see

this shotgun is insane and see this guy

through the wall

oh please all that for me okay

traded with them

oh ho ho that was a close gunfight

that's a guy I just traded with - and

the guy who's in second nice nude bud

take this you psycho stop jerking my

girls there we go oh that was a lesson

disciple decisive victory could not

could not get that last kill there oh

but there's another W on the board 3.29

look how much we're getting already so

guys that is the video as you saw there

play two games place first twice I mean

you have so much leeway plus Rumble

games I forgot to mention in the

beginning our super super quick they're

the fastest crucible game mode but I

hope this helps you guys rank up a

little bit start grinding some Rumble it

is super super nice for ranking up and

crucible whatever you guys enjoyed the

video as always please subscribe for

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overwatch Jesse content this has been

did Rex