How to Lose Weight if You Weigh 200 lbs or More!

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looking for how to lose weight if you

weigh 200 pounds or more it's probably a

journey you have attempted multiple

times with no success it could probably

bring tears to your eyes just to reflect

on it but let's start this video off on

the right foot but before we get going

please click the like the subscribe

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icon to get our daily health and body

care videos for free the past does not

matter only the present from previous

clients we have noticed an immense

amount of emotional pain associated with

this kind of weight gain here is the

truth the only thing that matters is the

present yes there is a lot of blaming

one could do to themselves in others but

what would that change simply focus on

the present where you are going in your

life what you have left to accomplish

the things you have left to see and the

experiences you have left to live it's

the only thing you have any power over

anyway it's going to take time but it's

far from impossible as with pretty much

every good thing in this life the

transformation won't happen overnight it

may take a year or more to lose weight

that's okay a year will fly by just like

last year and the year before that and

at this time next year you can be in a

happier and healthier place than you

could have ever imagined Wonderland what

our clients say when they never have to

see two hundred-plus on the scale again

and if you follow these seven steps you

will get fast results and be on the

right track every step of the way

one do not exercise what is that a typo

nope exercise actually plays a minor

role in weight loss in fact a recent

study done by Current Biology took 322

adults from five different countries

through a calorie reduction weight-loss

program they split the groups between

those that did exercise and those that

did not

shockingly enough adding an exercise did

not play any major role in calories

burned or weight loss and for those that

saw changes they were minor at best so

save your willpower for what really

matters what you are eating focus 100%

of your efforts on what you eat

exercising will unnecessarily stress the


cause cravings and is too much of a risk

at 200 plus pounds it's also not worth

the willpower at the beginning of a long

weight loss journey you can still do

things like go on daily walks and spend

time outdoors but hopping into a

strenuous workout routine will lower the

chances of long-term success at this

size only once you have established

healthy eating habits and gotten

consistency over your diet should you

then add an exercise to do not obsess

over calories another vital mistake most

people make it 200 plus pounds is

focusing on calories here's why this is

a mistake it very likely that the body's

hormones are severely damaged with the

excess fat high cortisol excess estrogen

critically low testosterone insulin

resistance and many others are likely

affecting you so when you do count

calories the weight won't drop fast

enough sometimes it won't budge at all

dieting at this stage is a much

different process than for some fit

twenty-something who works out every day

and counts calories focus on nourishing

the body more details below 3 do not do

that small changes approach most of the

articles you read about this topic are

horrendously mistaken they suggest a lot

of minor changes obviously this leads to

minor results according to the latest

science militant diets went out versus

standard diets those who lose the most

weight in the first two to four weeks of

dieting have the greatest weight loss

results in the following year therefore

losing weight fast will better impact

you in both the short term and the long

term the most effective thing you can do

is actually a cold turkey approach

losing weight fast will motivate you to

lose more it gives you momentum it puts

the sales at your front and the wind at

your back and you need some weight loss

wins at your back to keep moving forward

4 heal your digestive tract the overload

of foods has likely damaged the body's

gut bacteria and ability to properly

absorb nutrients so when you do eat

healthily the body isn't even processing

those foods properly the good news

healing the digestive tract is easy

consume apple cider vinegar and may

sure to take a good probiotic supplement

daily the body has healthy gut bacteria

that will help to heal the flora and

improve the way you consume food 5 learn

to fall in love with high quality

protein one fact that is true for almost

everyone at 200 plus pounds is that they

are never getting enough high quality

protein if they were overeating would be

nearly impossible you would be too full

from the protein and satisfied to eat

more of the bad things I dare you to try

it try to eat 200 grams of the protein

listed below and see what happens you

won't be able to do it because the body

will be stuffed and still way under

calorie intake

you must eat foods like lean chicken

breasts salmon pull eggs and grass-fed

beef at every meal 6 do a month-long

carbohydrate detox this goes

hand-in-hand with the hormonal problems

the body experiences at this weight

especially with insulin the chances the

body is insulin resistant at this level

is 90% plus cut out carbohydrates for

this time period to a bare minimum this

is also exactly why the Cinderella

solution starts out with a carbohydrate

detox the body needs a break from

excessive consumption to truly reset 7

drink lemon water every morning another

great idea is drinking warm lemon water

every morning this works for a variety

of reasons and is one of the easiest

healthy habits to establish this drink

provides crucial nutrients for the body

and is easy to do just make sure to use

a real lemon and not lemon juice from

concentrate simply squeeze one half of a

lemon into a cup of warm water in the

morning and make sure to drink it

through a straw if possible to prevent

the erosion of tooth enamel 8 start your

weight loss journey off right

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