How To Get 1k Likes On Facebook

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hello friends my name is free skin I'm

going to teach you how to get likes on

Facebook so don't forget to subscribe

let's get started now I'm going to teach

you how to get more likes on your

profile picture so let's go I'm going to

my Facebook account

now nothing this is my profile now I'm

having only one like on my post so I'm

going to put my post on public if your

post is in only me or private you put it

at public you see it you put it at

public then you go back go to your

browser me am using opera is such a


a Penta decide it undone loaded then

such plans is it free download pencil

you go down see download then you

download it download you go back if your

app is yet download see the app you

click on the app just click on the app

put your account

I'm put in my account

I'm putting my my my account is going

I'm talking to my account then I press


now this my account press okay go to my

profile now find her in the abdicate me

one like so going to press comment so I

can view this picture now I click on the

picture so I'll read more for it to walk

now you can see something down then once

like on this then you press once like on

this so you can get like I didn't see a

like or like I see like so you place it

is processing please wait you see it you

see it photo successful added you start

getting likes soon on this photo please

make sure that your Facebook account is

it implies your age is 18 plus then city

that public you see it the privacy of

this photo must be public as I said I

press ok now you go back you go back to

your Facebook account

so you can see the work that you have

done so I go to my profile clear written

then you see it is now 5 likes the added

4 likes as I entered they gave me one

like plus 3 they added now is to go you

still get more likes on this post

on your boosts so hello friends I hope

you enjoyed the video

I need more subscribe so subscribe you

know I'm starting new they say III can't

make a forest so with your subscribe I

can get more subscribers so thanks for

watching my video if you have any

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thanks for less