Gotham Chess Guide Part 5: 1800+ | Know your theory, know your tactics

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and welcome to part number five of Gotham  guide today we're gonna be playing against  

folks that are 1800 plus the 1600 plus art  for was brutal I mean there was a lot of  

really complex middle games and the the fight  there was there was chances I was almost losing  

in certain positions so I'm expecting that today  and onward I have legitimate losing chances that  

these players have a good opening sense their  middle games are strong their end games are  

strong their time management is going to be good  and so here we're getting things going with an  

e6b six so it's chapter one of the e6b six course  excuse me Knight f6 now Queen e2 is the main line  

let's see how much main line theory my opponent  knows at this point if you're watching first of  

all if you're in this rating range and you're  watching really really try to you know focus  

on every phase of the game opening middle game an  endgame d5 is not it's not that good of a move you  

can just go ninety four here anyway and if Queen  e2 d5 is completely fine but now Queen e2 is not  

possible yeah he needs to play like this here  what I'd like to do is just to take the bishop  

and you know this pin is this pin is good I can  take right away and double the pawns but then  

my opponent can just play rook g1 so I'm not  so sure about that what else can we do I guess  

we can just castle we castle I wonder what he's  gonna play normally in these positions if this  

bishop yeah so like he plays this Bishop doesn't  have to take him c3 anymore you only have to take  

on c3 and you would know that if you had the  course he plays 94 to get out of danger now  

he's maybe looking at stuff like this ah do  I play d6 h6 to get you know he's obviously  

looking also at this move maybe maybe f5 and the  idea is that if he takes I'm gonna take with the  

bishop and he doesn't have the strong outpost on  in the center anymore my bishops nice so position  

just looks pretty balanced to start the game I  have two bishops he's got a very solid center

oh yeah probably just have to develop so  for a moment I'm gonna block my bishop but  

I always have 97 ideas I'm not concerned  about this because my Queens coming out  

he castles maybe h6 I was thinking just to  get that under control or this reroute idea  

with the night but maybe Queenie 7 and bring  my second rook kind of like that but you know  

Queenie 7 I I know he's going to bring a rook  to this file so not an easy position to play  

ninety-seven maybe this plan okay  let's go for an 87 the reroute idea

there is not good like I said there's not going  to be I I I feel like the games with white when  

I'm playing my e4 course stuff are going to be a  lot easier than playing black with black you're  

looking for solidity you're looking for an easy  to play opening where you don't need to spend a  

lot of time although I have really failed to do  that in this game I'm really taking my time but  

we're gonna be looking for aggressive  opening ideas that's that's going to be  

something that we're definitely on the lookout  for position is like really not easy to play

let's play Queenie 7 so I  do want to connect my rooks

but with the rook and the Queen on the same  line I need to be mindful of the fact that a  

strike in the center could be coming and you  know I would love to step out of the way but  

then Knight g5 is potentially problematic that's  a weird move that move I don't understand at all

so in every game this is gonna happen uh  what if I just immediately go after the  

pawn you know sometimes you don't need to  reply like this but yeah yeah but see now  

now I've distracted him you know he's focused  over there so if takes takes and then we trade  

I mean let me take I mean I need to make  decisions a little faster I don't think I  

have to take the rook like he could take me I  don't have to take I give him the file but how  

do I make progress on the other side of the  board do I have any tactics I don't think so

maybe night h4 looking for some simplification in  the position if he takes my bishop check I take  

with the Queen I maintain control well defense  not control of the night and if I get rid of  

these two nights that's a weird move my bishop  is strong position is probably roughly equal so  

now we have to employ phase number two of this  video which is going to be out playing people  

from positions with seat you know seemingly  equal positions seeming seeming equality it  

was very bad English okay so the first bit of  imbalance I have the open file the second bit  

of imbalance he has three points here and I  have four I have a bit more active bishop and  

I have potential to maybe attack him this is a  weakness potentially rook a3 can maybe do some  

damage another idea I see is Bishop d5 and  rook a to with some second rank attack Oh

okay I see an immediate way to maybe punish  that move so I have vision here he thinks it  

doesn't matter but what about rook a too and  if he takes I take check it's not made because  

he could block with the bishop but then I take  on c3 maybe so this is a nice move Bishop c2  

I just take it so if Queen needs to guard  the rook which means either this this or  

this actually he cannot go to the back rank he  has to play Queen III he has to play Queen III  

goes to the background queen f2 queen g2 on  there mate would have been nice if he did

and I don't have like Bishop  takes f3 doesn't quite work  

because he just takes with the oh  wait no Bishop takes f3 does work

oh that's so nice the queen is overloaded because  if I take on f3 he can't take with the Queen and  

the rook and the Queen link up on h2 so Bishop  takes have three wins upon at least and he can't  

take his Queen h2 King f1 Queen G to mate that's  like the whole power of the rook and the Queen  

coming in from opposite sides of the board and  the reason why Bishop f3 was the first thing I  

considered is because you have to look at captures  like this is a check but it sacrifices a full rook  

but this is a very unusual tactic and my queen  is just so powerful so one move weakened his  

position to such an extent that we're just able  to destroy it immediately it's incredible and why  

do you think been Feingold says never play of  three like so ouch so obviously the thread is  

rubgy - I think he has to play something like  Bishop f1 it might be the only move and then I  

need to okay well he doesn't and yeah this is  a this is not good anymore I need to not hang  

Perpetual so Queen a it's not a threat what  is the easiest way to convert this position  

you know for instructional value I'm gonna  sacrifice on f1 and make it a pawn endgame

what I'm gonna do I'm gonna sacrifice  you don't need to do this but I'm gonna  

make it a pawn endgame maybe b-52 fix  this pawn here ant move forward this is  

called fixing the pawns and now I'm gonna  win this pawn endgame or hopefully win it

I can win it so of course you need to  outflank very important in the pawn n  

games so H 5 and H 4 he's gonna go back to  f3 I'm gonna go here or he's gonna do that

second let's figure let's let's figure  this thing out wait a second is defy a  

my gonna I'm gonna embarrass myself here  hey luckily not this was a big risk so I  

I better win g5 a g5 yeah this looks this  looks like the way to go he shouldn't take  

you should not take cuz I I I should  be the one taking I'm gonna give him  

a chance to mess up again and take  I here get him now he messes up eggs

in g4 and now this is probably easily winning

for the reason that

age three around the pond and I don't think he can  bring his king forward yeah I don't think he can  

do this because if he comes here I'm taking  g5 h 3g 6h - I'm just going to take and I'm  

behind him and there's nothing he can do he can  give me all his pawns which would be nice but  

just going to take his bones so this is game over  king c5 and c6 defends the pawn king takes before  

I don't know if he's gonna try to flag me but  let's not forget that it's it's 3 plus 2 so that  

would honestly be pretty impressive yeah and he  just resigns ok that was uh that was a tough game  

obviously I told you right away it was gonna be  tough creating winning chances from positions that  

don't you know don't seem like they're they're  potentially possible so the opening was was easy  

you know we just played chapter one we got the  bishop we brought this guy back and now in a  

position where you're lacking space you need to  look for the smart trades so this trade is nice  

just to create a little bit and then this little  night maneuver also a good way to maximize your  

pieces this is where he struggled because he got  to a position where it looks like he maximized  

everything he has central control every piece  is developed the rooks are connected and then  

he immediately played a weird move like he played  this so I targeted the pawn right away and then we  

did this and here I I did something called keeping  the tension so I kept a tension between the rooks  

and I went for a bit of simplification with the  pieces because I I felt like my knight and Bishop  

were not as good as his knight in Bishop we traded  everybody right I also scammed that this check and  

be met with Queen takes guarding this he traded  everything and right now is the critical moment  

probably objectively the positions of about equal  but he plays this and immediately I have vision  

here so I play rook a to trying to deflect his  Queen away so I can take and he goes here and  

here checks captures and attacks okay is this  both bad but Bishop takes f3 plays on the really  

strange coordination of his pieces his queen needs  to maintain the defense of the rook so he can't  

take although he ended up doing that and he can't  take with the pawn because suddenly my rook opens  

up the vision and defends the Queen and it's just  made it's just made so what he should have done  

here very important you don't need to take you  can just defend against the threat of rook g2  

you need to be able to adjust to the first blunder  and not make a second one and he actually made a  

second one that's the blunder the ship f1 I think  maintains just a slightly worse position he's just  

down the pawn I can't I can't take that I don't  have a threat here and this is super important  

you need to absorb the first punch and not get so  flustered that you blunder a second time that's  

that that's really the most important thing here  um now did I have to play in the game the way I  

did with you know with like this no um you know  if I really wanted in this position I could just  

bring my pieces back in some way like maybe c6  rotate the rook to f8 the reason I have to play  

c6 is he controls this square make sure my King is  not susceptible to any background checks and then  

win that position with the rook and the Queen  it should be very easy I mean you just pick up  

the pawns but I just wanted to make it an endgame  to show that you know you can win the endgame and

it is it is what it is rook a3 and queen c3 is  also probably just the easiest yes so somebody  

in chat recommend that I saw a chat challenge from  a Shah you can challenge me I'll play after this  

okay with E for it's a totally different game my  e4 repertoire is aggressive you're gonna get a lot  

of a45 at this level Knight c3 I'm hoping people  yes Vienna gambit boom alright so we're gonna try  

to win in under 20 moves this is this is the plan  against this 1800 so this is a very app so Vienna  

gambit declined is already bad for black knight  c6 okay so he faked me out he played the Vienna  

declined it then he took I'm just gonna play  d4 and try to regain the pawn wow this you can  

play like this but it's not very good um I mean  I'm just gonna develop my pieces and castle and  

then win this back in the future defending with  g5 is just I mean this is too way too risky way  

too risky I mean I think g5 I can already punished  with 95 so he probably shouldn't play g5 this is  

kind of Kings gambit style but it's just not the  same I mean it's it's not the same you've already  

committed to d6 which you're not really supposed  to do in King's gambit and it's g6 I mean I get  

yeah I get it he's you know he's trying to  okay castles again gambit style you need to

now I think I can win the pawn  back here by playing 92 that's  

honestly and it might just  very well be my best move

just 90 to 95 also  

nighties maybe honestly putting the bishop here  could have been smart just to guard this pawn

let's think so if he if he yeah I'm gonna go 95 I  want to maintain the Queen's pressure here if he  

plays g5 maybe I have some night hop it hits the  night like I can move my night here for example  

but if he castles and I take on f4 I have a  huge Center and I'm not down upon anymore so

this is uh you know and again I'm not  really afraid of this it's just more  

time wasting in the opening from him he  couldn't go Bishop e6 that's why I said  

that you know maybe this is is this is not so  great now maybe maybe he has this move maybe  

he plays it cuz he stream sniping he's not  stream sniping okay easy a knight takes f4  

he's gonna take of course because there's  no need to let me capture here and okay  

what is the position after ten moves White  has a huge Center he's trying to go d5 now

oftentimes when a move like this is coming you  know you first of all you need to understand that  

it's coming you can slide this guy back a square  and or reinforce your Center and the idea of this  

is that if he plays d5 a go see five that's the  idea but Bishop d3 maybe he doesn't have to go  

d5 maybe he can play Queen b6 which is annoying so  I think what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna reinforce  

against this diagonal so now I have three pawns  on the dark squares so make my Center solid and  

then go like this this is my plan this is my  plan if he if he pushes you know taking is okay

it's a big decision because if I take I give  knight c6 right so he can put the night there  

if I just go back and takes takes my bishops  are a little loose in the center but at least  

he can't develop sorry at least he can't easily  develop and if I get a few moves my goodness I'm  

so sorry with bad at arrows this ship the Bishop  h6 is a big problem if I get rid of this Bishop  

he has no piece guarding his King anymore because  his knight is gone so that's another idea that we  

that we'll try to employ here I also like his  clock management okay so one more idea is that  

I can go here he takes and then I just gambit  this pawn I just moved Knight e5 so I turned  

my attention to f7 which you know now that  I'm looking at it doesn't even look that bad  

it actually kind of looks good and I might do  that I might do that I might give him this and  

play 95 and normally taking on f7 and giving  two pieces is bad but when the King is going  

to be yeah see he's too scared he didn't even  want to mess with it you didn't even want to  

mess with that so but now he's trying to trade the  bishop so the first move immediately that comes to  

mind is Knight g5 all or 'if I've not allowing  this which one is better it is tough to tell  

I'm gonna go ePHI I'm not gonna look for trades  I'm going to block all of this and maintain this  

idea now his idea is gonna be 97 oh that just  gives me a juicy target but I guess he's just  

trying to go here hmm okay so let's do this  let's play Queen d2 force the king there whoa

that's bad no that's that's just not good  um that's just not good first of all I mean  

the sacrifice is begging to be played  but is it good is it a good sacrifice  

you need Plus to remember that from past  videos you need to have two more attacking  

pieces than they have defenders I'm not  sure I have that here honestly like I  

want to go here here here in Bishop  f6 but he might just have f6 there

and taking what the night isn't that impressive  but let's go for it because I have a nice idea  

again keeping the tension so he has to go here  I feel like if he allows me to go Bishop f6 he's  

just completely lost so he needs to evaluate that  this move is not losing although I actually think  

it is losing I just realized that I can take take  take and when the route gets there I have a check  

and I think that check just wins the game yeah a  check just wins the game so f6 does not work so  

this is losing so the calculation here is f6 takes  takes takes and then when the rook gets there

instead of taking the rug I have check I replaced  my bishop yeah and I think he just forgot about  

that seven at the end there is yes but you will  see what happens we will take the rook and then  

the rook Queen and rook will be met with rook f1  so check here looks like it guards everything but  

after this capture and now rook F 1 we win the  game and he just resigns because I guess he saw  

this and yeah I mean you know I smelled blood and  you know you need to have this instinct you need  

to have this instinct now I could have like g5  I knew immediately was a blunder because I mean  

you just can't play like this first of all if  I really wanted to play like this I could have  

put the bishop back and then played like h4  just looking you know to bring a bishop and a  

coup or by the way just very simply Bishop and  Queen into h7 who is gonna stop this right so

if he had gone which what I thought King h7  then I was gonna go Bishop c2 and try to play  

h4 h5 so this was the idea because again it's  plus two you know you need to have two more  

attacking pieces than defenders and I have  five attacking pieces here right like this  

is an attacker this is an attacker the rook is  involved h4 h5 so position is very promising  

for white because white has a very big lead  in development and more space when you have  

more space and more development it's very easy  to attack h4 h5 I mean you've got a you know  

you've got to dismantle the King either with  pieces or with pawns and we got this position  

just because of the aggressive nature of  the opening and how many moves did we win  

move 20 what did I say at the beginning of the  game that we were gonna try to win this game  

within 20 moves and we want to move 20 move  20 rook takes f6 black resigns so with white  

our opening is very aggressive as you can tell  like the Vienna these positions you know we're  

getting winning positions by move 20 with black  we're trying to be more solid we're trying to  

you know just kind of outplay our opponents  navigate you know through the middle game  

whatever if you were challenged Oh unfortunately  for this gentleman he got paired with whites but  

shout out to a Shah for taking the challenge I  have played him before I'm gonna go to Knights  

French I've been playing a lot of b3 French  but I'm gonna go to Knights French this time

although I think the last time we played I  played the two nights French against them  

so maybe he's gonna have some preparation  so now II five and the idea here is d4 and  

when c5 comes you take it okay you just take it  this is the idea and then black plays Bishop c5  

Bishop d3 Bishop f4 so we we have a little bit  of a space advantage yep now Bishop f4 and now  

this is already an error you can't play that um  but you know there's there's there's actually  

already some danger for black here black is  not careful so white is just solidifying in  

the center good development oh yeah I think he  did this against me last time or someone did was  

it him I think it was him I don't think this is I  don't think this is a good idea but he's playing  

it so fast that it might just be theory I guess  d4 is a threat I'm just gonna castle out of the  

way another thing to do is you can try to move  your age from like this but I'm just gonna go  

here I mean I guess he's trying to take and mess  up my structure but he he's like he's moved this  

once twice and three times right so three of his  first nine moves he's only made nine moves I've  

been to move the bishop and now it's gone it's  just gone it doesn't exist anymore so that's  

why I'm not like so sure about this you know  something is off about this strategy so now

tonight see for I mean I can stop that with  Queenie ooh I can also maybe move the like H pawn  

um how do we you know I can attack the Queen how  do we like maximize the position here okay let's  

play rookie one rookie ones always a good move  reinforcing the center on e5 let's see what he  

does he might over and and rugby one as well is  bringing the rook to the open file obviously the  

rook is better than b1 than anyone somebody's  asking what I play c4 absolutely uh right now  

it doesn't look like it works but a move like  c4 is always interesting because yeah it opens  

up the center and it and it kind of shreds open  the lines I'm gonna go Knight d4 this idea has  

something in mind and also yeah so he stops one  but now this and I don't know how he guards that  

I don't know how he guards that I mean he's just  he like he's moving the same pieces over and over  

see he hasn't done anything he's just moving  the pieces over and over and yeah part of that  

is being caught off you know cut you know caught  caught off guard in the opening is that he doesn't  

quite know the system now even this like he's  he can't castle anymore we're just going for it  

I mean again five attacking pieces yeah that move  is not bad obviously I don't want to Queen trade I  

don't want to lose my queen I can go here and then  just come back probably that's just the easiest  

route keV three and you know I've always got this  I've got this I've got this I've got ninety six  

so he's attacking this guy just slide over and  it seems like he hasn't made any progress in his  

position you know I've got one piece that hasn't  moved pieces meaning non non pawn entities so

this is uh this is bad this is already very very  very dangerous for black I mean his King doesn't  

have a defender just because pieces are near the  King doesn't even mean that they're guarding the  

King I mean this is the these are not guards  of the King no one is guarding these squares  

if you've got a king guarding the pawns and no  one else this is gonna be very bad this is move  

16 and my goal is to win every game with white by  move 20 oh no no no no no this no way what is that  

um okay first of all Bishop g6

just looks devastating for black

I mean just like going after this guy

and the idea is that if he does this I just it's  discovered check and I went his queen and I mean  

the other idea is to take I mean just literally  shred up in the king you know I mean I could have  

played Bishop g5 first also so but this one's a  bit more direct in some ways because if I move  

the Queen I mean if I attack the Queen he just  moves it but I'm threatening to take and once  

that pawn is gone it's over but it's over  I mean you know you can tell by my last few  

moves that clearly I'm eyeing f7 I'm not Iying g7  because there's no easy way to attack this pawn so

he plays f6 you know I kind of underestimated that  move I almost didn't see it so take take check

if he takes I get my queen in and then if he  blocks I have rook f6 and it's over because  

he's pinned and that wins if takes well if  Queen takes I just go check and I win the  

Queen so it takes takes bishop check and if  the King goes to either of these two squares  

the bishop moves on I think it's made this move  just wins this move just wins check and now the  

only thing that we had to calculate as takes  takes Queen e7 rook f6 that's the only reason  

this works otherwise it doesn't work yeah he  moves but now if I move my Bishop anywhere  

win g6 is made so Bishop e8 discovered check he  only has two King moves and Queen g6 mates on  

move 21 so I mean like a perfect attacking  game by white I mean I I hate to just you  

know openly compliment me myself but like this  was the perfect two nights French destruction  

you know like again this strategy that  he employed with not moving any new piece

you know and and here it's like well how does  white you know you you might get distracted  

right you might get distracted by the to night  moves here you got a play on the Queen's always  

coming in no I mean let friends let's not forget  that like you're you're the guy calling the shots  

right now he stops this idea to get into  d6 but I mean probably the most advanced  

maneuver in the game was rookie 3 Ricca yes  that was probably the most advanced moment

cuz you know otherwise  there is no clear path to f7


ruff I mean Wow everything else was kind of  straightforward you know don't trade the I  

mean I can't say I did anything crazy  just a quick calculation here just to  

show that like it looks like he's out of  the woods but that's why you always look  

for checks and coordination here is  deadly he can't go here my bishop so

what can you do what can you do

all right let's keep it going got a lot of  people in chat wanting to play me I'm just  

jumping in the pool my friends Casa BEC 66 1000  bullet player d3 b6 okay so I'm playing my I've  

had this already today I'm gonna play d5 maybe  he goes here and we're gonna have a structural  

game I'm not gonna let him go here I'm gonna play  d4 this is a this is a very unique position so my  

bishop is super strong and I can put my knight  here by playing Knight h6 he's probably whoa why  

is he giving me this okay another common idea is  h5 it looks very silly but what I'm doing is I'm  

securing the dark squares from my knight this  is a very bad structure for white that move is  

like logical cuz maybe he wants to take I don't  know what he wants I'm gonna play g6 so this is  

guarded and another idea maybe to even get rid  of the night so e5 is super weak so for example  

Bishop e7 he's gonna go Knights c1 let's see  first b5 no hit the night out a plate like he's  

gonna do the same thing you see how I have night  and pawn together he can't kick me out Knight c4  

often comes with a 4 in a lot of positions before  I can go b5 force him back then play a six okay  

guys when your opponent plays Knight f3 Knight  g5 Knight f3 in the opening they did something  

wrong okay this is them admitting that they did  something wrong um I mean I want to play H form  

III I think that was always my plan up in here  put some pressure the other idea in the future  

is maybe I can open up the position directly to  his King like I have such a powerful piece what  

he should be doing is maybe trading it you know  you should be trading my LightSquared bishop I  

did say b5 was my idea here right b5 and if this  the 93 so some people psychologically will not go  

back because they don't want to yeah and there  you go there you guys he's just blonde there's  

a 93 because he doesn't want to he just doesn't  want to go back you know he's like ah and now  

he blunders a full rook because of his you know  his stubbornness he didn't want to go back to  

a3 because he was already there he wants to play  a different move and in doing so do I even want  

to take that by the way like that's a terrible  rook this is the worst piece that White House  

right and it's it's a free rook but when he goes  here and here he's just gonna win my knight I'm  

gonna go back I feel like my knight is stronger  than every piece he has so why give it away

here-here-here takes Queen takes I'm threatening  mate Bishop f3 wait that's just like completely  

crushing I mean again like this shows you the  power of the night if g5 94 it's a little risky  

to open the position like this but this is like  this destruction I mean it's complete destruction

yeah and and it shows you like don't be  stubborn admit your mistakes in chess  

yeah like I said I figured he was gonna do  this he wasn't gonna take but um what if  

I just take on f4 like through all of this  chaos I can take this I can take the rook I  

can take this well if I take on a4 right he  takes my knight I take back like with the D  

pawn I mean his position is awful position was  completely losing yeah this is what he's doing

now effort D which way do I take  I want to keep the bind maybe I  

should have taken the rook but which way do I take

take with the deep on I don't want to  open his rook look he's he's playing  

at Lightspeed now no no we're not grabbing a rook  

we're not we're not we're not grabbing a rook  first of all I can push and he can't take

he can't take because his night is hanging  and I'm also threatening to take the very  

funny position I'm up to pawns and my pawns are  the barrier preventing him from getting anything

what is this and I just take  that hello what are you doing  

what is this does he want to take  this like if takes he wants to take  

on c4 what if I play takes takes takes  check yeah that's what he wants uhh

I don't know I guess I guess Queen d6 is the  best move can't take my pawn all righty let's go

chess so we're gonna take on c4 now  the worst nightmare here for me is  

that somehow he gets this out this out this out  and completely overruns me with his pieces ooh

that is a good move I underestimated this move  let's go rook g8 and yeah so you see he's actually  

getting some play I was a little bit lackadaisical  and he's gonna play rook d1 so he's gonna get  

some counter play and I only have 40 seconds if  Frug d1 I keep drawing wait why do you do that  

why'd he do it like this taking the pawn first  

tricks on the king somehow I need this night to  move what I need bishop f3 takes takes Queen D to  

check takes pawn takes yeah but also takes  there's rook f3 okay I'm gonna take out f3

he's not threatening anything so maybe Knights  very simply to d7 I like this rook here for me  

it's just not it can't move and rook d1 is  no longer possible he pins me yeah I guess  

I'm gonna reinforce with my rook and King East  7 I think is the way to go here so hiding your  

King amongst your pieces I have this little  formation here I'm completely safe and what's  

making all of this possible is he doesn't have  any D file play so e5 e 4 is also possible Queen  

d2 you know what also makes this easy as I'm up  two pawns so simplifying with like rook g3 in a  

second this should be an easy win um any threats  with this move rook c6 I guess is his threat  

okay but what if I playroom g3 so again rook  c6 I can just move the Queen out of the way  

rook d1 is another idea that is bit annoying  Queen c7 again I don't have a lot of time

a lot of time remove this just in case but  I'm completely safe I am completely safe

let's take

but of course it's a little bit of a stressful  position although if this weensy five-o no but  

then rook takes d7 I need I do need to be  careful whoa okay Queen before night c5 this  

I was not afraid of this this is the last thing  that I was afraid of the big trade is he gonna  

take my pawn is that the idea but then Queen d6  and we have a queen trade so I don't know why  

in a completely lost position he would trade  pieces so yeah Queen d6 and so I had to block

six Queen D - E - GG I mean  I'm getting very low on time  

I'm sorry if I'm triggering anybody's anxiety but

this game in the opening was very funny because I  actually predicted a couple of his bad decisions  

and it just shows you that you know  players who make these errors so  

II - and he doesn't have a check  I'm just promoting and it's over

we will spend the next few seconds

contemplating his existence and then he will  promptly I thought he was going to resign but  

he is not resigning oh we are still playing okay  we're still playing I'm not sure why we're still  

playing we're no longer playing so the opening  this e 6 B 6 system with f4 d5 is always good  

and then don't let them block in your bishop so  reinforced like this maneuvering to f5 he could  

have gone g4 here but then I hop in and I take the  bishop and another again common idea to support  

the knight on f5 is to move the H pawn locking  the night into f5 with h4 playing on the weak dark  

squares and then here you know this is just silly  this is just so it's just stubbornness right here

night a3 in you know I would have gone a six and  the position would have been completely fine for  

him like I mean I guess it's better than this and  I mean you know here I was also pretty stubborn  

you know with this crazy g5 idea I mean you can  just take on f1 you know you can take on f1 the  

bad thing about my plan the reason why I'm  playing some more risky stuff is because I  

I also want to give you guys an understanding  of how to navigate tough positions dangerous  

positions why g5 was not good is because I opened  the position for his pieces that's really all I  

did is like you know here if I take and he takes  and I just play solid chest like knight c6 how's  

he ever getting these bishops out right how  how's he getting the knight out so it was a  

dangerous plan this g5 but you know worked out  in the end I kept I kept control of the position  

I kept you know I maintained my advantage of  two pawns there was probably things I could  

have done a little bit differently he could  have done something differently right here  

you should've played with calf d1 and then  you know I would have probably played like  

bishop d fiver and he would have played like  this and and this is this is dangerous the  

dangerous position for him for black you know 97  takes takes I mean I'm up to pawns but my kings  

in the center and he's got some active placed  his kings all of a sudden kind of safe so is  

double-edged positions double-edged the easiest  way to put it let me quickly refresh my page

a promised server

ever thing

supposed to happen but it's not so we'll  keep it rolling Danny wrench what a name  

I'm just make sure that this is legitimate  account yep several years old II 6 e 6  

it should be seven please go efore yes this  is the most fun chapter I love this chapter  

f 3 f 5 chapter 4 of the course takes here um  something is wrong with Bishop d3 in this position

remember what it is

I think it's this I think it's

takes takes takes takes takes I think  that's what it is I think it's takes

is what's wrong with this takes takes takes  takes bishop takes e4 and I so I'm gonna do this


if this the see of this move ecigs no way right  we need five Wow what maybe I mixed up the move  

order maybe not if this this because the idea of  Bishop before is takes Queen h4 but it takes ear


Wow whoa we need five

Knight f6 this should be for  ya that doesn't even work

you know how I should have  played this I think I should  

taken like this I should have  taken an e for first maybe

hmmm this is a good lesson and  remembering your opening prep

we need five he takes my rug  

and then if I play something like yai that just  doesn't work he just takes my rook at the end Wow

well this is stupid I mixed up my move order in  the opening ha well that's mildly frustrating now  

I have to deal with a bad position but  it's good at least I didn't get caught

and that's frustrating though let's see this  should be for Queen juice their Queen ish

yeah it just doesn't work


white one because I was thinking what is this  what is this I'm not even editing that you

okay don't think is what know what  I I lost that by abandoning the game  

okay well at least this is  going to be a fun blooper

oh my god I can't believe what that is that is

yeah this is bad I should have done it in

no even does this move order also not  work oh it doesn't because he has King f1


yeah that is uh that is that is not cool whoops

Oh interesting yeah I guess I should just play  97-year interesting interesting interesting I  

didn't remember this move well it's the first loss  I mean wasn't quite a loss but kind of a loss sort  

of a loss not really a loss but I'll take it  I'll take it on the chin so takes takes and  

you know I thought I was just be lining to this  but I guess queen h5 here is just really strong

huh that is a bummer though okay I don't want  to kill too much more time so let's continue

so we have white now again so

efore g6 d4

right just thinking

night a three

see five this is called the sniper  so against this taking is good

more deep thoughts by my opponent what do i what  

what is what it what is the  way to go about the game here

how do I usually like to do this

I think it's c3 Knight a3 this is  the this is the the tricky line

and then I think it's like wait what isn't  Knight b5 just like crushing here the idea  

is Bishop III and he he doesn't have  a he doesn't have a way to get back

so this is the idea 93 95 now players six and  you hit them with Bishop III and they go here

and there's some way to just completely win here  still I have a very funny move night a seven

so night a seven and a seven is a hilarious move  I also have a 4 a 4 just holds the night there um  

I also have do I have Queen i-4 waiting for maybe  just Bishop d7 well apparently I can't think for a  

minute so a seven but just be the like the way to  go just go okay go get the go get the bishop on c8

that might just be the way to do it

this doesn't work

because uh takes and just Bishop d2

and then I take the bishop so my position from the  

opening is solid I have two bishops I'm  going to castle I'm going to be happy

now I'm going to think how do we make progress  from an equal positions first things first  

I'm gonna offer him a trade of knights if  tags I get a huge Center and I get rook c1

hey he doesn't seem particularly fazed by my  

huge Center in my rook c1 so I'm gonna  weenie six maybe hitting this and this

the other thing I can do is play it a bit more  slowly so something like h3 preventing night g4  

and then looking to expand so the other thing that  we'll notice is we have completely symmetrical  

structure of pawns right we have all the same  pawns in the open C file so taking advantage  

of that is going to be a little bit challenging  and he's also looking for control of the C file  

so another idea is maybe like f4 f5 like this that  what we've learned about same-side hassling attack  

yeah like rook c8 is good but there's nothing  there so I'm just going to keep rolling with f5

five now I mean taking is just not good for him  because I play rook takes am I gonna take with  

the pawn I'm gonna take with the rook the  other idea is that I'm probably just gonna  

take this pawn when given the opportunity  so symmetrical structure to bishops you  

can play positionally but he doesn't have a  lot of weaknesses that move I really don't  

like but maybe it's not bad is he trying to  take like that maybe he's trying to copy me  

okay I don't care copy me imitation is the highest  form of flattery be queen bee three pressure here  

like that queen bee three pressure here pressure  here not attacking anything just yet but good move  

I mean II five you know it looks nice if he takes  but he can probably just move his night so if he  

played yeah if he plays d5 uh what if I just so we  had a very similar position in that game remember  

a couple games ago where we we got this big  pawn chain against the bishop and if this I mean

about that move dude

his night is like isn't this night  trapped inside just take away king  

h2 and g4 just winning a piece how  does he get a night square here

just king h2 I mean it's very like chess is a  logical game he wants to go here you know I take  

it away from him I'm not trading the rooks I'm  keeping the tension we've learned that throughout  

so yeah I he has to play Bishop h8 I mean his only  move here to get a knight squares to play Bishop  

h8 which is a very depressing move to have to make  he's not making the move Bishop a shape rook f1

Oh bishop f8 also yeah I guess this there's very  very sad necessity so I'm still gonna go G for  

because the pollen G for completely dominates  the night on g7 very common motif motif mo ITF  

mo mo ITF mo CIF I'm Dyslexic learning a lot  of things about myself throughout this series  

like I can disconnect for thinking my motive my  mood I'm gonna play a prophylactic move maybe

I also have this maneuver but he's like somehow  very well defended here so how do we break in  

how do we break in he's gonna play Bishop e7  maybe we play Bishop g5 maybe this is the way  

we improve our position Bishop g5 Bishop f6 just  getting right in there his knight is completely  

dominated pressure is here he has no way to  invade his queen also doesn't have any invasion  

points Bishop f6 now so I want to take on my  terms he might take and see this check but I  

think I'm gonna take with the rook I don't think  I'm gonna take with the pawn although no no this  

wins this is winning is there any threat to that  move I don't want to play g5 I give Knight f5

how do I win this easily okay need to make a move  struggling to do a time so let's play h4 if you  

try to push along this file can also hide here as  usual we need to not lose on time okay now maybe  

g5 is actually not super stupid but he can come  back if he's smart he's gonna come back so let's  

see if he returns that would be the smart thing to  do just go back to g7 yeah I need to play like I  

said I need to play fatten beef I was just weird  it's not a smart move I think now I'm looking at  

this and maybe he comes back now he okay no he  trades into a very very very bad position he  

just gives me a monster pond but he might go here  seeing that to which I will respond with queen d4  

I'm still gonna queen g4 and now h5 is coming  and I think it's all over it's also all over  

because I think I can sacrifice and thigh rubs  you won the taking giving me this was just not

just not that good just not smart any threat Oh  some tricks on my king some towel don't flag buddy  

three seconds oof flag look he had tactics  he like he lined it up to my king and he had  

tactics on f6 just rook g1 now and sacrifice  and it's GG I'm not even gonna sacrifice I'm  

just gonna play h5 makes its mate there's the  desperation sacrifice but there is nothing in  

the position and oh sorry I just lost on time  but he did not now simple chests trade the rooks

and he loses woof woof so some weird stuff in  the opening just getting the two bishops I mean  

you don't have to play like this there's other  ways but this is a good way to blunt the sniper  

if you ever want to deal with the modern with c5  taking a knight a 395 a few questions about this  

game in the middle game why not F takes the  question was go back to FG six in the middle  

but I have played a five ah I see your point  yeah so you're saying that you want to get  

this in but like I said here he has 95 so any  time you attack a night with a pawn you need  

to not just think and you get taken you need  to think about this move and I don't think

I don't think that this works ship is hit with  a tempo and this is too bad so then if I move my  

bishop he just takes my pawn so any Knight move  that you want to any Knight attack you want to  

make you know in the middle of a position you got  to be ready to deal with the knight moving I mean  

Bishop g5 is fine but you're you're missing  the point the point is not to lose the pawn  

that's the point that's you know and f4 f5 then  taking and this move and he committed his pawn  

quickly got his knight in a very bad position  and we were just able to very slowly use the  

advantage on on the King side when do you see  when you start attacking when do you decide you  

need to bring more pieces because I don't know  the balance maybe lose the moment well look

in a position which has basically symmetrical  structure and no obvious weaknesses

pawn attack on the same side so f4 f5 pawn attack  you know this just comes with experience this just  

comes with playing tens of thousands hundreds  of thousands of chess games you can tell very  

quickly like in this position that's g4 g5 is  not is not an attack he's just gonna move his  

knight instead opening my rook is the right way  to go and a move like this Queen b3 is just it's  

a balance of improving your position and at the  same time also attacking your opponent Queen b3  

doesn't have a threat it's just making the Queen  better I've kind of talked throughout this series  

you know when you don't have an immediate tactic  to improve your position optimize the placement  

of your pieces the Queen is optimized here because  I'm on be three the pressures eat six and be seven  

and so that's why that's why it's the best move  we're gonna play one more game better play one  

more game the video is already very long actually  so thanks for thanks for being patient another  

efore we fed a lot more games with white today ooh  aunt ice candy a lot of people tell me that they  

don't like playing against the Scandinavian I like  to play like this Knight f3 everybody listen up  

this is the course recommendation what on earth is  Bishop a5 I've actually never seen the move Bishop  

a5 honestly uh Wow I don't know okay d4 it's gonna  go Bishop b2 in castles did I just fall for a trap  

oh wow we need four intakes would you look at that

that's really funny

okay so when you fall for a trap you  need to offset falling for the trap

with quick development and I am going to use  his bishop here to get my quick development  

so I've got three pieces developed and I'm  gonna basically treat this like a gambit  

so now I have four developed pieces for  the cost of one pawn and have really done  

bishop and if he plays c6 I'm gonna go b3  although maybe then e 5 is a good move my

Wow the super 5 Queenie for  huh very tricky okay so I'm  

just gonna castle then but I don't  have b3 because somehow e5 is coming

that's so funny be 3e five Wow really I somehow  don't believe I somehow do not believe in this

III e5 let's say I take with a knight  he takes my knight I take his bishop

ah I don't believe lay it why would I trade on b8  why would I give away such a powerful beautiful  

bishop for this absolute garbage night don't  do that don't do that to yourselves Oh II six  

is also pretty logical I forgot that he just has  a very simple ecigs um wow that was uh that was  

tricky okay so here's what he wants he wants  me to take and take my knight I want him to  

move here and lose so what if Bishop c1 no joke  what if Bishop c1 he's gonna take I'm gonna get  

my Bishop here he's gonna play Bishop b5 well  my bishop is so strong in a3 I like it so much  

maybe just night see too though

maybe just taking on a for  okay let's take on a for

maybe he checks me okay Ruby one so I'm using the  ugly pawn structure and being down upon and let's  

see what we can accomplish in this position  so I want to go away five but then B five

I also want to go 95 but somehow  that doesn't threaten anything  

also want to counsel so let's counsel

nighty 7:00 wait the bishop was trapped oh my  god he has another owner uh 95 now I take 95  

now I take he trapped his own Bishop ha  ha ha amazing okay so he just played a  

natural developing move 97 and yeah and now  I take now I take and that's the difference


and now I get the bishop

yeah there you go


and I think the the easiest way to convert  this position is to play 925 Bishop rook so  

that really is the lesson in when you get  caught in the opening with some crap like  

this was crap I'm gonna I'm gonna say right  now for the kids watching this was bad don't  

say that where it's a bad word um when you  get caught like like the reason why it was  

not like that good is because what he really  got was a pawn up in a position where he has  

no development whatsoever it was a trap it was  a trap which rhymes with the other thing that I  

said the c-word so just rip c3 I'm gonna pick  up this pawn and so the way you have to react  

to that is alright how do I get full development  trading the Queen's is not a problem as long as I  

have four develop pieces and you saw that despite  winning my pawn he lost the piece on move thirteen

looks like his opening wasn't all that it's  my knight Knight d7 he's just gonna play  

route t8 but they've 97 roopd 8 I am taking  on c5 95 I need to make a little square for  

my king and there you go we've had a bit  of everything today like I have not been  

caught in the opening so far in this series  I've also not lost in this series um at that  

game that winning by abandonment nonsense  was you know it is what it is I guess it  

was either a you know server update we got  caught with the server update after all or  

you know the they just thought I was stalling  out and that's not what Gotham guide was doing

hmm once my pawn and you  know what I want I want this

I want or night-night b3 maybe or maybe


now let's go on a day six

here here here's the idea takes takes ya takes

I miscalculated I thought I had rook c7 but I just  

realized he has root K 4 okay  but let's see if he finds that

see do you have any tricks doesn't look like it I  think we're just gonna have to give a check if the  

bishop I mean defend the rook with the bishop and  then play something simple like Knight c5 takes  

the rook we will just be a piece up in the endgame  I'm assuming that he's gonna play something like  

rook c4 wanna be and again this is why making  this little square for the King is not uh  

King is nice because he's gonna broke a 194 were  threatening Knight d6 let's see if he blunders it

I'm gonna try to play fast I'm tired of being  in time trouble I've been and he hangs rude  

I mean like so funny right like the guy is  attacking my night and he doesn't even think  

we're I'm gonna check him and that's it but we  win honestly pretty fun hour of chess today like  

we folks are asking me in the other game the  game that I lost but like but here what was  

wrong with first of all Queen h4 the problem  with Queen h4 is just g3 back to this position  

is I can't actually take this with anybody and  I realized that after the trig Bishop takes e4

the Queen h5g six and this like ridiculous  move and after it takes takes I'm busted like  

I just I don't have maybe I have this you know  but he goes King Ditu and I have two hanging  

pieces so I got a little overzealous in the  opening actually what I should have done here  

I guess I think what I should have done is  check here in Queen h5 this is actually what  

I recommend in my course and the other  thing is 97 just 97 so I forgot my own  

prep which which happens I don't get a lot of  people who play f3 with Bishop d3 I generally  

gets Bishop d3 or f3 and not the two of  them combined so yeah that's a bummer but

anyway if you guys are enjoying  let me know your thoughts in the  

comments below I'm already getting a  lot of comments in my livestream you  

guys are awesome and alright the next  one is gonna be a real grind mm Plus