Body Fat for Abs to Show - The Truth! (MEN AND WOMEN)

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so what body fat level is actually

required to see your abs after all today

I'm going to tell you what that number

is in a matter of fact it's probably a

surprise a lot of you and I'm also going

to tell you the best way to actually

take action on that and get yourself

down there no matter where you are right

now what's up guys jeff cavaliere so one of the most popular

questions I get from both men and women

is is there a specific body fat level

that I should try to get to if I want to

be able to see my abs and I guess the

reason why they ask that question is

they figure if I can at least see my abs

and maybe the rest of me probably looks

pretty good too and well that might be a

fair question I think the thing you need

to ask yourself first is do you know

where you're starting from because if

you are not we're going to take a trip

and let's say we're gonna meet in New

York City but you're coming from San

Diego and I'm coming from Connecticut

give me a lot easier trip for me so we

have to know where we're coming from in

order to know where we're going to and

how long it's going to take us so for

that there's a lot of methods and one of

the things you can do is kind of invest

in something that's gonna be a little

bit more expensive like a DEXA scan but

it's gonna give you a lot more

sophisticated results and information or

you can do something like we do here

with Jeff seams and that's caliper

testing which is a little bit less

reliable but a lot easier a lot of times

less expensive or you can do it I always

like to do so that we did ten years ago

on my blog and it's something we call

the eye test by the way I know they're

helpful but if you're gonna put them on

your channel and not even give us credit

so what these charts show you is a

couple things number one they easily

allow you to identify with a picture as

a representative example not an exact

example but a representative example of

what it might look like at a given body

fat percentage so you can say yeah I

kind of look like that right now but

they also help you to identify visually

where you want to be or where you want

to get to and importantly here guys it's

important to point out that the answer

to the question that we started with was

what specific body fat level do I have

to get to this is where the encouraging

news comes in it's not just one

particular body fat because you can see

here that the range even on the guys

side here to actually have ABS visible

even a little bit like the top row of

ABS over here is somewhere in the 1617

percent range and it goes all the way

down to the most extreme the same thing

here for women it's going to have a

large range

you can be from unhealthy to a much more

healthy range but still be able to see

your abs but depending upon what body

fat level you aspire to it's going to

change the level of commitment and

dedication you're gonna have to have and

probably discomfort and all-out hatred

of the path if you choose the wrong one

because if you sit all the way over here

first of all not only is this

unobtainable and healthy for the long

term but you need to be so dialed in

here and pretty much be just north of

dead to be able to sit at this body fat

level for any in sustainable period of

time so we want to start to veer towards

these other healthier ranges the idea

though is it becomes a lot more

forgiving in terms of your lifestyle

you don't have to worry so much about

your nutrition in terms of being dead

not accurate every single day day after

day after day cheat meals become a thing

of reality as you start to veer more

towards these as your ideal in what

you're striving for so the path itself

is going to be heavily influenced by

what body fat level it is that you're

looking to get to now the next thing

we're gonna make sure we point out

though is something called the training

effect in other words if you're willing

to train your abs along your way to your

goal there is a difference in the level

who are ability to see your abs at

higher levels because we can see right

here at a roughly nine percent body fat

a much leaner individual here there's

not a lot of visible ab definition here

probably because there's not a lot of ab

training going on here on the other hand

though this gentleman here too

substantially higher body fat probably

fifteen or sixteen percent as much

better ab development because he is

training his abs directly so there's

something you want to make sure you're

aware of if you have a willingness to

just add some direct core training to

what you're doing you're gonna have an

ability to have those abs pop at even a

higher body fat level so the next

question becomes then how do you get


right there's three ways you can do it

in only three ways one you could just do

nutrition alone two you can just try to

train or three you can combine nutrition

training you guys know me by now you

know I'm not gonna [ __ ] you the

answer is always gonna be nutrition and

training because we know you've probably

tried it in the past that just taking a

nutrition approach is really just about

adopting a diet which is a short term

approach that doesn't usually allow you

to even keep off whatever it is that you

do lose and then you have the guys that

want to just train and they show up with

the gym and there's no accountability

once they leave the gym for the other 23

hours of the day and what they actually

put in their body and that doesn't

results either so you're gonna have to

learn how to combine both of them and

here's why because you're already

getting the training effect that we

already talked about which has a direct

impact on the visibility of the ABS but

you're also getting the additive effect

of the training with the nutrition

because you're obviously exerting effort

in the gym burning more calories which

gets to add to the overall caloric

deficit you're getting from making those

nutrition changes so the rate and the

speed at which you'll get to that goal

of where you want to be is going to be

dramatically affected by the combination

of both in the most positive way let me

show you exactly example of how this

actually plays out I started break this

all down we need to do just a little bit

of math but it's actually not that hard

so the 200-pound man at 30% body fat

that wants to get to 10% body fat so we

know that 30% of his weight right now is

body fat 60 pounds of fat wanted to get

down to just 10% of that weight which is

20 pounds of fat so that means we're

gonna have to create an overall forty

pound loss of fat well to get there we

know that we want to kind of do this at

a safe rate about one and a half pounds

per week is a very conservative number I

like to be conservative but it works so

to do that we know a 500 calorie deficit

through your nutrition cuts right by

eating healthier it's gonna give you

about a pound of fat loss over the

course of a week roughly that numbers

actually been disproven of late but it's

still close enough to get us on track

3,500 total calories over the week you

add an additional 250 from here to get a

pound that I have Jesse will you help me

with the math Jesse's so good at math if

with the calculator so if we want to get

40 pounds with one and a half per week

how many weeks is gonna take us that's

no good buy it you're sorry so good with

math if I if I wanted to have twenty six

point six point six if you want to get

how many days that is multiply it by

seven times one a six point six thank

you so good at math I see 186 days it's

about six months guys and remember if

you start here at 30% and you want to

get here at 10% you're not going to

spend 185 days looking like this and

then on day 186 look like this you're

gonna get the added benefit of being

able to look like this guy for a period

of time and then this guy and then this

guy and then this guy on your journey

over here so you're gonna get some

additional inspiration from your own

results to keep you

on track remember guys it's not as hard

as it looks but you do have to get

started and the most important thing is

that you get started having an idea of

where you want to get to and if you want

to be over here because that's what you

identify back in the beginning of this

video then your journey is going to be

even shorter faster and maybe even more

enjoyable that all depends upon you and

how committed you already wanted to be

at a certain level Oh guys so there you

have it the body fat level that you need

to get to what is going on here

Jesse's cliffnotes you know where I take

15 seconds to cover what took you what

50 minutes to cover in this video

alright so first up if we're gonna use

me as the example to get after you lower

body fat percentages I need to eat less

time you bears do more squats not be

obsessed with getting to his low body

fat percentage is you because I mean you

only have a six-pack and I've still got

that eight-pack and lastly instead of

using calipers to measure my body fat

you could just put me on the chart as a

representative example of what

perfection is perfection perfection did

I miss anything

you didn't even mention you be training

your abs judo part no I'm still doing

the baby shark ab challenge that's yeah

it's hot get out of here please go in

fact guys if you're looking actually for

an ab training plan we actually have one

it's called core for ABS over at if you like those outros or

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