Getting to 10-12% Body Fat (How Most Guys Give Up)

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so if your goal is to get to 10% body

fat 12% body fat 15% body fat you

probably already know that this needs to

be a lifestyle change this is not gonna

be possible with one of those quick fix

diets or some kind of 90 day challenge

or any kind of shortcut this is gonna

require effort and is going to require

time now in this video what I want to do

is I want to share with you one mistake

that you need to avoid on that journey

to that ten twelve or fifteen percent

body fat that I see so many guys make

especially guys who are twenty

twenty-five thirty percent body fat and

they're very very motivated to get this

done they actually go ahead very hard to

want to get it done they know it's

important they need to do it but they

keep making this mistake which doesn't

allow that process to stick and it

doesn't allow them to make this

lifestyle change and by the way if

you're new here my name is Mark Tom

Schweich learn more about getting lean

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and now let's dive into it so the

mistake I'm referencing and one that I

want you to avoid is something I like to

call the dip and here's how that works

so you're starting your fitness journey

you realize things need to change you're

driven to make those changes you do some

goal-setting you realize you want to get

down to ten or twelve or fifteen percent

body fat and hopefully you pick up an

intelligent plan that's designed with

your lifestyle in mind something that

will work for you instead of some kind

of generic cookie cutter quick fix

program from the internet any start

taking action and you start taking

action actually realize well this isn't

that hard right I can stay consistent I

can follow the plan you start seeing

some initial results and things are

going well for a while but then after a

while that honeymoon phase starts to end

because motivation starts going down in

motivation being at an all-time high

when you start actually was masking how

difficult this is it was masking how

difficult the consistency part will be

and as motivation goes down consistency

also starts going down you're starting

to have more slip-ups things happen in

the weekends and wipe out a whole week

of progress you're starting to make bad

food choices sometimes during work days

sometimes skipping workouts days keep

coming up life starts to happen and then

you suddenly aren't getting any more

results and this is where I would call

that a dip and in that dip here's the

thing most guys don't realize that this

dip is inevitable motivation will go

down it's only a

matter of time we can't indefinitely

stay motivated it's just impossible now

what most guys don't realize is that in

that dip actually it's not a bad place

to be because you already have gone

through the initial honeymoon phase now

you have to keep doing the work in order

to start building habits will will make

this easier but the thing is most guys


they quit during the dip phase they quit

when things get difficult and because

they quit they never allow those habits

to form and they keep repeating the same

cycle year after year and I know when I

look back and hear some of my client

stories from the programs they've done

in the past before we work together it's

a very very familiar story to me because

I keep hearing it all the time you stay

consistent for one to three months even

up to six months but then because things

get difficult motivation runs out then

you start folding of track and then you

lose all the progress and it gets even

harder to keep coming back at it so you

need a big break to get really motivated

to start again and this is a huge

problem because to change your lifestyle

you need to change habits that really is

what we're trying to do here because a

lifestyle change ultimately boils down

to changing your habits and those habits

make the process slightly easier they

make the process more automated so you

don't have to rely on motivation or not

to have to rely on discipline as well so

you can keep going you can keep taking

action and things become easier but

those habits take time and reps to form

and if you quit early you never allow

that to happen and this is a cycle that

so many people are stuck in and what are

your goal is 10 or 12 or 15 percent body

fat it is really all about the habits

that will get you there in order to get

those habits you need that initial

consistency you need that consistency

consistency is not negotiable

and I see people make this mistake in

their fitness while at the same time not

making this mistake when there comes

their business or their relationship

they understand in their business that

they need to be consistent and what kind

of business can you run if you do well

for three months and you abandon

everybody for the next 2-3 months then

you expect something to happen I mean

you know the business there's good we're

gonna be ups and downs and you kind of

keep going and you realize it's growing

over time and you keep doing things and

in Fitness is exactly the same you have

to master the ability to take action and

stay consistent without feeling

motivated because that's exactly

time when you're forming those habits

that will eventually end up serving you

long term and that's exactly what I want

for you I want you to make the lifestyle

change and I want you to fall for this

quick fix nonsense type of stuff and by

the way if you enjoy this type of

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at the end that will dive into more

concepts to help you be consistent they

actually teach you more about getting

lean so check out that video and other

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we'll see you in that next video