The Easiest Way To Get An Extra 100+ Grams Of Protein In Per Day

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some guys Derek from more plates more

days calm today I'm gonna be talking

about a really easy way to get an extra

hundred plus grams of protein in per day

without almost any effort at all we're

needing like significantly heightened

appetite or anything like that so you

know a lot of guys asked me I can't get

enough protein what can I do I can only

eat so much meat meat in the day I can

only have so many protein shakes in the

day I can only have so much eggs you

know fish steak tricky and stuff like

that obviously when I was younger I used

to have a very difficult time even

hitting 1.5 times times my body weight

in grams of protein and obviously there

are differing opinions regarding whether

or you actually need that much to grow

or not personally I like to hit one

point five at least

others you know up for less and they

think it's sufficient and it may be but

I just find I grow best with one point

five to two but besides that you know

like debate that's like a whole separate

video but as far as getting an extra

protein easily obviously you can only

eat you know so much meat per day you

know you can't have most people can't

stomach you know like six eight ounce

meat portions per day nor do they have

the time to cook it in order to you know

they have the time to pack that much up

when they're on the go and stuff so this

is something I discovered a few years

ago and it's been the easiest thing that

has been enabled me to add an extra

hundred grams of protein per day

high-quality protein as well with almost

no effort whatsoever so basically this

is egg whites in a carton pasteurized

egg whites so there's a common myth

about you know this isn't eggs this is

egg whites just to clarify so there's a

common myth about drinking eggs many

people think you'll get salmonella if

you drink them in any form in general

and drinking raw whole eggs absolutely

is not recommended because the bacteria

is still in it and that can make you

sick and give you Salmonella but it is

100% safe to drink

quit egg whites so the difference

between liquid egg whites and raw eggs

is that the liquid egg whites are

pasteurized meaning they've they've had

the bacteria completely cooked out of

them already making them safe to drink

in pasteurization kills bacteria and

neutralizes avidin so egg whites are my

kind of like go-to thing to be able to

you know clear 300 plus grams of protein

daily with ease so I use that major

issue is getting that in and you know as

a competitor or somebody who values

putting on lean tissue having you know

something inhibiting you like just not

being able to hit your protein macro

allotment is can be really annoying and

it can be a huge hindrance to your

progression so eventually I started

incorporating you know just drinking

these on a daily basis and they

literally taste just like sugar water to

me and like I can see how people just

objectively would think it's gross but I

guarantee you if you actually go try it

and you just get out of your mind that

you're drinking liquid eggs it won't be

that bad trust me it's actually kind of

good to be honest and once you get used

to it it's you don't even notice it

I don't even you don't even need to get

used to I don't even know I'm saying

that it tastes fine on its own and what

I like to do as well as I add sometimes

I add Walden Farms sugar free cattle

dairy free chocolate syrup to it and

then I shake it up in the shake and it

basically tastes like I'm drinking

Nesquik except without any sugar any

extra calories blah blah so I think this

is an awesome thing to you know resort

to if you can't get your protein in

every cup is a hundred and twenty

calories and 28 grams of protein so if

you have like a whole carton of this per

day that's an extra 112 grams protein

and 240 calories and there's no fat

obviously because the yolks have been

removed it's pasteurized it's like the

cleanest leanest form of protein besides

eating a hunk of you know baked chicken


you know it's been my go-to for years

and honestly it saved me a lot of

trouble because I used to have huge

issues getting my meat down having like

you know ten ounce pieces of chicken

every meal it was getting to be a huge

nuisance and especially having I was a

student at the time having to pack

Tupperware containers full of chicken

every single day but you can only do

that so much so a lot of times I just

throw one of these or they also come in

500 milliliter cartons as well you just

like throw one of those in your backpack

or bring it to work with you and you're

good to go so anyways that's a good tip

I have for you guys and one thing I

should mention is when it comes to eggs

in particular egg whites digestive

systems can might need to adjust to it

others might not but basically I

recommend starting at maybe like one or

two cups per day max and then tapering

up because you'll kind of find there's a

at least for me there's a threshold

where you basically stop processing it

that well and by that I mean you're just

your protein forms get out of control at

that point because your digestive system

can't handle it that much and things are

just running through you and not being

digested properly and eventually you

adjust to it but I just you know start

slow don't be crushing like two of these

giant liter

jugs a day or else you're gonna pay the

consequences on the toilet so anyways

thank you guys for watching hope that

was helpful please like subscribe check

out my blog more plates more dates com

subscribe there as far as where you can

get this I think the cheapest place to

get it is Costco and I just get you know

like seven days a week on my locally on

my weekly grocery shopping it's like I

think they're like three or four bucks

seeds for an entire liter so it's pretty

good deal and you know saves me a ton of

you know difficult eating and nuisance

in packing food and cleaning and whatnot

so anyways talk to you soon