How to Get Your First 1000 Subscribers on YouTube — 5 Tips

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so how do you get your first 1,000

subscribers on YouTube when you're just

starting out in this video I'm gonna be

sharing five little-known strategies I

really haven't talked about these

anywhere else and five of the biggest

mistakes that are going to hinder you

from getting your first a thousand

subscribers but hey my name is Sean

kennel for just meeting and here on

think media we recently crossed 1

million subscribers thank you for being

a part of the journey of course YouTube

sends this plaque out to you and now

I've grown a couple different YouTube

channels to over a hundred thousand

subscribers and of course this channel

and I think about the journey and I

think about okay what do I wish I knew

back when I was starting that could have

helped me go faster and grow my

subscribers and here's the deal right

now there's been never been a better

time to be creating content on YouTube

you know because of the lockdown in this

pandemic we've seen that YouTube

viewership is skyrocketing in fact

they've said that Nielsen is revealed

consumption is up over 75% this time

last year there was about 15 billion

minutes consumed now it's about 32

billion in some industries or some

niches it's about 75% as you can see on

screen from this Bloomberg article and

subscriber surging has been happening as

well due to people being locked down so

right now is your time to be a creator

creators create leaders lead it's time

to punch fear in the face punch

perfectionism in the face and press

record and I'm gonna help you go faster

especially with the strategies in this

video and we're gonna be breaking those

down in just a second but again I'm Sean

Kent I wrote the book youtube secrets

co-author Benji Travis and if you're

fired up for this training hit that like

button if you happen to be here live

it's good to see ya when the Ken Leon

vergine Gaby thanks so much for being

here let's get it at tip number one and

it's this you got to start before you're

ready and post your first 35 videos ok

you might be like 35 freakin videos like

that's that's kind of crazy

man but no you gotta start before you're

ready and post a lot of videos let me

tell you the mistake on this one judging

your results too early now that I've

been helping other creators and

entrepreneurs grow their YouTube

channels I see one of the biggest

mistakes people make is they only post

like two videos or seven videos or maybe

even a lot of videos but they're just

all over the place they're super

scattered they're like I just don't know

why I'm not to a thousand subscribers

yet you can't judge your results too

early you need to post about 35 videos

from our research even as we've started

new channels to trigger the algorithm to

get things going so tell me in the

comments how long have you been on

YouTube and how many videos have you

posted so far if you want to get to a

thousand subscribers and you've only

posted six videos sporadically one two

years ago of a dance recital and then

you you know like you're probably not

gonna get there and you got to start

before you're ready and just keep

posting like you can't be that

judgmental when you're just starting out

of even your content like your first

videos are gonna be your worst videos

and you can improve as you go in fact

you know now I've posted over two

thousand videos online I have I've had a

couple failed YouTube channels that led

to the successful one sometimes you win

sometimes you learn and you got to fail

forward and I actually want to play the

first video I posted on my personal

channel just to say you got a press

record and start even if you're gonna

suck at the start watch this all right

so this is I guess the first Sean thinks

blog and I'm gonna try to vlog every

single day mainly so I can remember what

I'm even doing and what's going on

because I just feel like I have a lot

that I'm thinking about and I figured

hey why not share it and if you find

something interesting that's awesome now

this is definitely as real as it gets so

I'm not gonna try to be energetic or

entertaining though maybe sometimes I

will but anyways

see I see too many bad videos crazy

isn't it I mean it's pretty funny I see

way too many people though again taking

all this time to watch this

channel or to watch some of my friends

like Darrow or Tim or Nick or whoever

and just take information information

and that's good because you want to get

some strategies you want to get you want

to start right but if you're not posting

videos listen

the secret to success on YouTube is

posting videos on YouTube thank you

every simply see you later we'll take

care I mean either you might like that's

maybe obvious but you gotta be posting

videos and you don't want to judge your

don't judge the results too soon put you

start Messi punch fear in the face post

videos and post a lot of videos cuz

you'll learn as you go but this brings

us to tip number two and you gotta

answer a lot that I'm thinking the

question of controlling your livestream

the who and what question that's next

answer the who in what question alright

who is it you're serving and what

problem do you solve for them in fact

tell me in the comments most creators

have not answered this question and it's

the reason you're not gonna get to a

thousand subscribers listen to this why

should someone subscribe to your channel

that's the who and what question

hey this channel is for my mom my mom my

wife Sonya is 20 weeks pregnant and she

was just doing a workout this morning

and she was watching it on YouTube by

the way a lot of at home workouts huge

niche that's blowing up right now we got

Sean Bradley jr. jr. it's a boy on the

way right now and she's doing this

workout that was second trimester home

workouts for women obviously on the

women part so it's a very specific

channel that was helping giving workouts

at home for women that are pregnant and

even in their specific trimester so who

you serve in well obviously not dudes

that need a home workouts clearly

alright obviously not gamers that are

trying to figure out how to beat Reno

and Final Fantasy 7 remake right like

who and then like what problem do you

solve was that home workouts for it but

look even if you're doing comedy like

what problem do you solve you you solve

boredom if you even if you're doing

vlogs you solve people that need like

maybe an escape or

they want some kind of entertainment

however sometimes that can be even hard

to get harder to get discovered

what is your who and what question who

is that you're trying to serve you

haven't defined kind of your target

audience another word for this is your

value proposition who is it you're

serving and what problem

do you solve for them the mistake here

is huge and this is probably one of the

most major mistakes that's going to keep

you from a thousand it's making selfish

content versus service content okay

selfish content versus service content

you got to ask yourself why is it do you

want a thousand subscribers and I've

seen a lot of people that the reason

they want a thousand subscribers it's

like because I want a thousand

subscribers yo help me get to a thousand

yo help me get my channel going bruh

help me get the subs rolling in yo I'm

trying to hit like for what what are you

gonna do for me like you want me to

subscribe to your channel for you like

unto what so that you can be famous so

that you can and this is where most

creators mindset like this really became

clear to me when we the co-author of

YouTube secrets Benji Travis got to go

to New York to meet with Gary Vaynerchuk

and you know multiple New York Times

bestselling author considered one of the

leading social media experts and we got

to ask him what advice would he give to

new YouTube creators and he actually had

a clip about this very idea of selfish

content so listen to this what he had to

say I think it's about are you putting

out entertainment are you putting out

education because 90% of people are

putting out selfish content 90% of

people are putting out press releases

they want to they want you to think

something about them they're making it

selfish for themselves they wanted to go

to Maui and surf so that's the content

you're getting but did that bring you

any value they want you to think they're

cool ninety percent of the content right

now are people acting like PR agents of

themselves I'm asking people to look

like educators for entertainers do you

think about the audience first or don't

you do you think about the audience

first or don't you think about that

question the reason

a lot of people aren't getting to a

thousand subscribers it's because we're

really not thinking about the audience

first like you know I kind of won't want

to make videos that like I want to make

I kind of want to be like a travel

vlogger well cool and I'm not saying you

can't do that but I'm saying do you

think about the audience first or don't

you in fact that's what Gary's saying

and I'm echoing and he also said really

pick either entertainment or education

let me know in the comments are you an

entertainment or education it's YouTube

it's like if you're not in one of those

by the way all the data right now during

the pandemic is both or through the roof

both types of content are exploding so

it's really never been a better time to

be creating content and so let me know

and hit the like button if you've been

getting value out of this video which

brings us to the next tip which is once

you're answering the who and what

question once you're starting before

you're ready and just posting a lot of

videos without judging your results like

you do those first two points you're

gonna get to a thousand subscribers but

I got more tips for you tip number three

is you're going to want to skill up

skill up and study successful channels

skill up and study successful channels

tip number three so once you're posting

videos Messi I'm saying don't try to get

perfect first and then start posting

videos I'm staying post your first video

like today like like right now like turn

this video off and go like shoot a video

on your phone and go post your first

video like for real because you got to

just be posting videos Messi start Messi

ready is a lie but then you want to

start to skill up and in two ways one

identify what skills do you need to

learn in terms of video editing in terms

of designing thumbnails in terms of

on-camera presence but also have you

studied the successful channels in your

niche if you haven't done this identify

five to ten channels doing what you want

to do that are successful if you haven't

taken the time to number one make a list

of these are channels and by the way if

you can't find any channels doing what

you want to do that way

like your Nisha's or your vision is

you're either about to tap into

something super brilliant and I'm not

saying this is impossible but

competition is good in fact let me know

if you've ever felt discouraged by

competition like I just feel like

there's too many people doing what I did

want to do is too many beauty channels

there's too many gardening chat like


there's too many Fitness channels

competition is a good thing

especially if the competition's

successful why because it's actually

proof that people care and they watch

that kind of content if you can't find a

channel doing what you want to do it

does it that's not a complete guarantee

that you won't be able to do it but you

really want to find like cuz you're

gonna do it different by the way you got

to be you times - you're not gonna copy

the channel you're gonna do with a

different style a different approach

it's just gonna be proof listen of an

audience right so when you identify 5 to

10 channels thing 1 have you then gone

and watched their videos and thought and

made a list like you've got a journal

and been like oh that's that's awesome

the way they're opening their videos oh

like oh look at how they're doing look

how they close their videos well that

makes sense and like really studied not

to copy but because success leaves clues

success leaves clues and so let me know

an example of somebody doing what you

want to do here's another reason for it

because then you can kind of draft

behind them like an Indy 500 race there

are people that have pioneered it's not

that you're gonna do it exactly the same

it's that you might even end up taking

an amalgamation of five different

channels and says it's gonna be a little

bit of that but it's also gonna kind of

serve people this way it's actually that

style but his audience he's like

reaching guys I'm like the girl version

of that and I'm gonna have like a

Millennial female audience you put some

of those pieces together you're gonna

get so much dang clarity for getting

your first 1000 subscribers and here's

the mistake not shortening your learning

curve there's two ways to get wisdom

right one is your mistakes that's the

slowest way to get wisdom you probably

can relate like what are some mistakes

you made in your life I think about

growing up like there's some times when

you know I was partying in high school I

drank too much you know what I mean is a

mistake you like woke up you're like

okay I learned like I don't feel that

great after

I did that there was times when I

disagreed with my wife all right you

know what I mean and like or or I I did

something stupid and I got in trouble I

said I was gonna be home at a certain

time and I came home two hours later and

I didn't text her call I made a mistake

and and I got wisdom out of that because

the attitude and the vibe you know don't

stay on my vibe what I was that she was

sending my way but you get wisdom but

listen there's two ways to get wisdom

one is your own mistakes let me know a

mistake you made the other ways other

people's mistakes it's the fastest way

to get wisdom that's the beauty of

buying a book because you paid like

fifteen dollars to get 10 20 20 35 years

of experience for like 20 bucks

and it's other people's mistakes that's

what this channel is all about it's like

we've had some successes and sure along

the journey you know we've learned a lot

of things I've had also some failed

YouTube channels that I had to learn in

the journey and you're here so I can

help you go further faster you shorten

your learning curve by investing in

wisdom and by looking at somebody else

that can say oh just I wasted a whole

year doing it wrong I I wasted three

years without getting this information

so you gotta shorten your learning curve

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out tube influencer calm shorten your

learning curve and you'll get to 1,000

faster and tip number four is focus on

search based content so focus on search

based content and answer specific

questions people debate now all the time

you know like do tags matter is YouTube

its search engine anymore it's actually

a felonious debate because yes YouTube

is the second largest search engine in

the world in fact 65% of people use

YouTube to help them solve a problem

come on who and what who do you serve

and what problem do you solve look if

people are going to YouTube to solve a

problem then the best way to get

discovered Sean how do I get discovered

nobody knows me yet

Sean how do I get discovered like how do

I get subscribers if like no one even

knows I exist so

of a problem answer a specific question

listen I'm not saying this is the only

content you will ever make

Sean I kind of want to entertain and

inspire and some of the topics I want to

talk about they don't really like

they're not search based cool bro cool

sis but you should start with search

based content because once you have

subscribers you can talk about whatever

you want cuz they're there they know you

but how do you actually get someone to

know like and trust you if they don't

even know you yet right

how'd you actually have to get

discovered so I'm leaving this on screen

65% of people use YouTube to help them

solve a problem and so listen the

mistake here is making content that

nobody wants to watch and that nobody is

searching for like a lot of people start

why am I not getting subscribers while

I'm not I'm not getting views well have

you are you actually crafting content

that you've done the research you know

people are interested in it we're gonna

be talking about that and the YouTube

influencer challenge are you crafting

content that people are interested in

watching and that people not alike you

can actually discover what kind of

content people want to watch as well as

what kind of content people are

searching for and then think about it

when you make that content people watch

it and then they subscribe why do you

got to answer who and what because if

you can't tell me why I should subscribe

to your YouTube channel because of how

it will benefit me then you'll never get

to a thousand subscribers you might even

do one off good video but there's no

reason for me to subscribe to the

channel I just like the one off video

you got to get a clear vision man and

make content that people want to watch

and that people are searching for and

then tip number five friends and hit

like if you're getting value and let me

know if you've even kind of maybe get

some clarity with this because I mean

let me know how many subscribers you're

at and if you feel stuck being at that

particular level of subscribers but I

really think when you apply these tips

they're gonna make a huge difference but

here's tip number five and then I've got

some bonus stuff for you after

and it's this pretty simple commit

commit what's the mistake dabbling what

do I mean really this is actually

probably should have been tip number one

because I actually think the main reason

a lot of people don't reach a thousand

subscribers is because they've never

actually made a real commitment to get

their like commitment is the foundation

of all accomplishments like commitment

is like the little choices we make every

day that lead to the final results we're

looking for like I think about my wife

Sonia and I have been married for 15

years that's a commitment there was

plenty of times when I could have broken

that commitment and thought you know

what I I just it's hard so I give up but

it wasn't that it hasn't been hard in

fact the first two years of our marriage

were hell like they were that's why we

committed when we gave our vows but then

we went to counseling and we worked

through our issues and we were at each

other's throats and we learned how to

communicate and I had to say I'm sorry

and we had to ask forgiveness like it

wasn't easy but it was worth it and now

we got little Shawn Bradley jr. on the

way and we got 15 years under our belt

ups and downs but it's commitment

YouTube growth it's hard not saying it's

gonna be easy if you listen if you're

following anyone that's like oh it's

easy they're lying to you I'm not saying

it's easy I'm saying it's worth it

I'm saying you got to commit though you

got to commit there's something about

commitment commitment is not making a

purchase you're up watching an

infomercial eating some Ben & Jerry's

come on sipping on some drink and and

you know infomercial comes on that's

like you could get in shape

my friend chalene johnson you could do

piyo for $35 we'll send you some DVDs

and a meal plan and you know what we do

we buy it by the way great love

resources by the resource get the

resource shipped to your house that

resource is sitting in your garage

some but if you don't take the dang DVD

out of the DVD case does anyone even

watch do you like it's all digital now

Beachbody on demand okay and you don't

put it in to your blu-ray player you

know and then actually sweat for 30

minutes and do it more than one day a

lot of people like video influencers

think Media comment like yo Sean I've

just am not growing and I check out

their channel they posted a video like a

week ago and then like four months

before that and they have like five

videos total and all I'm trying to say

is that's not a sign of commitment

commitment is showing up and making the

hard decisions consistently you don't

get the guns by doing push-ups once you

don't watch the fitness DVD one time and

all of a sudden you're like dear God

I'm chiseled like a Greek god like Brad

Pitt Fight Club ripped like I just

overnight you do it by daily repetitious

discipline and you keep showing up and

you keep sweating and you keep doing the

work wishing is not committing its but

it's about making this a priority and

I'm hitting this hard because I am

completely confident that you're gonna

get to a hundred to a thousand

subscribers I believe that you do these

first four tips I believe that you

commit that you stop dabbling the

mistake it's a mental attitude there's

something about turning pro and here's

some of the reasons why I think we're

afraid to go all-in because if we're

just dabbling and we fail because we're

afraid of failure failing like it's not

even that we're afraid of going for big

dreams we're just afraid of being small

at the start and the judgment of that

you know we're afraid of of well what if

I actually tell and what if I declare

that I'm committed and I go all-in and I

fail look if you don't quit you win

failure I didn't believe in failure and

yet I believe in failure the difference

between successful creators and those

that are not successful is their

relationship with failure sometimes you

win sometimes you learn failure is a

stepping stone to success you have to

fail if you're afraid to fail you're

good news don't be

you're gonna fail a lot the more you

fail the sooner you'll get to a thousand

subscribers you feel me that's why

you're posting 35 videos without even

much strategy cuz I'm trying to get you

to just post videos because you learn

those videos like mine will be bad but

there'll be education so you could could

you call the video a failure or could

you call that video a stepping stone to

success success the failure is quitting

that's the only time failure is sealed

when you keep going keep learning keep

adapting keep pivoting keep leveling up

but there's something about moving from

a dabbling mindset and deciding I'm

gonna go all-in I'm gonna commit and I'm

gonna move into a dominating mindset I'm

gonna turn pro in this thing there was a

season when I would just kind of go on

walks kind of jog around the

neighborhood I was trying to get in

shape like my friend Benji who's like a

crazy runner he it's like he's done a

marathon I've done two half marathons

now but I'm like flexing a little bit

he's done a full marathon and and he's

like this pro runner but I noticed that

if I didn't actually show up if I didn't

get the gear by the way I bought the

shoes and then I bought a second pair of

running shoes because they look cool

come on can anybody relate right now and

then I bought like you know I bought

some gear and then I kind of watched

some YouTube videos about it and then I

went on like a little walk but then I

jogged a little bit and then I took

three weeks off I wasn't committing to

leveling up as a runner but when I

started to decide that I'm gonna run at

least 20 miles a week that I'm gonna run

at least every other day that when it's

snowing outside and we go up to where

our family is up in Seattle Washington

I'm gonna bring warm clothes and I'm

gonna go run in the snow

and that actually when it's hot here in

Vegas I wear like this tiny little

g-string not really but kind of and and

I go running early morning when it's

like 95 degrees and it's like hot yoga

hot running and and and come hell or

high water I show up and I do it because

I'm committed to staying in shape into

running are you committed to growing

your YouTube channel have you committed

have you just decided decide commit

succeed decide and and what are you

willing to sacrifice when you finally

commit like commitments like a muscle

you got to lean into it because again

you're like man I want to get in shape

but I'm not gonna sacrifice my time to

do it I mean I want to save money but

I'm not gonna stop impulse spending my

credit card online and whenever I get

retargeted with those ads for those

jeans that have been chasing me around

the internet I mean I really want to get

out of debt but that would mean I might

have to spend less than I make you gotta

actually maybe say I'm gonna sacrifice

something for what I want to do I just

want you to win that's what this channel

is about and I believe you will but it

takes commitment why am i hitting this

point so hard because I think this is

the tipping point when you just commit

when like a switch you just decide

whatever it takes

I'm gonna get up early I'm gonna stay up

late like I'm not talking about burning

out but I'm talking about seasons to

sacrifice my friends like I wanted to

build this freakin YouTube dream I had a

vision think media is 11 people strong

right now I had to carry a vision when

it was just me when I was by myself and

I was freaking lonely and I had negative

comments and I don't have anyone in my

corner and nobody could see what I saw

and it was I was a small town kid

college dropout and people my town

thought I was ridiculous for posting

videos online you think it like makes

sense now

it's 2020 I started YouTube back in 2007

for my church and then the first youtube

channel I started in 2010 and people my

talent like why he posts the videos

online and I have anybody rooting for me

and I don't have anybody cheering me on

but I had to carry a vision and after I

waited tables at Red Robin all day long

and after I did video editing for

clients and after I went out and did

wedding videos and after I shot videos

for small businesses and didn't even

want to shoot her edit videos anymore

and after I poured into my wife and we

were going through crazy stuff losing

our home because it was the financial

crisis and the recession and then she's

going through health challenges and I

had to actually then sit up and whether

it was a Friday night or a Saturday

morning or a Tuesday evening

a few hours before I had to get up and

go to Red Robin and wait tables I would

freak and work on my dream because I was

committed to this vision are you

committed what are you willing to

sacrifice are you making it a priority

are you acknowledging everything in your

life and saying I'm not gonna be crazy

I'm not gonna dishonor my

responsibilities to do this but I can

move some things around

I can punt entertainment for a season

and really focus on this I'm just saying

if you want to get 1,000 subscribers or

a hundred thousand subscribers or a

million you have to commit my god I'm

just checking in with you guys thanks

for the super chat we thank you so much

400 tolerance may I appreciate it five

videos 62 subs just getting started

really appreciate a man Jay Pro

appreciate you the more you learn and

get out there the more people see you go

yeah Jay Pro you got to just keep

uploading and I think apply these five

tips and my friends you want to get some

momentum on YouTube join me for this

challenge join me in the think media

team for the YouTube influencer

challenge 7 days something to do every

day something to learn everyday

questions to answer every single day to

build massive momentum on your channel

tube influence calm link in the

description if you want to sign up free

challenge right now especially during

the lockdown I'll tell you this my life

was dramatically changed thank you this

owes travel for the super chat and thank

you Schultz TV really really appreciates

you for the super chat thank you for the

support guys look what's so crazy about

the time we're living in right now is

that this YouTube dream that started and

I remember what Benji and I were going

through back in 2010 when I played my

first video we just hit a million

subscribers by the way it took 10 years

and I'll show you the growth curve of

think media so you can kind of get a

perspective of you got to be willing to

like not get results at the beginning

it's like planting a seed like your

dream is a seed

you put it underneath the soil it

disappears you don't see anything you

don't see growth you'll see fruit you

don't see you know you don't have any

provision you got nothing going on and

then it goes under this is that seed

gets planted in soil and it starts

getting crushed it's like getting

disrupted it's going through

transformation like ain't nothing nice

about that and you don't see anything

happening potentially for a long season

of time here's think media's journey

over the last 10 years

okay here's 2010 when it started

look at how flatlined this is now then

look that in 2015 by the way this was

really when I committed I was committed

and actually I would say more than that

this is actually when I got focused I

committed here but I was scattered I was

focused on multiple YouTube channels

which is a bad idea when you're starting

I had like multiple YouTube channels

which is like I don't have one

successful one why am i dividing my

energy between multiple this is when I

got focused and really got strategic and

look at where the growth happened but

what would happen if I would have

stopped think media in 2014 what would

happen if I actually gave up on think

media in 2015 2016 right here on

February 2nd but then we see this growth

look it goes up it goes up but then look

at this little spike right here look at

that thing freakin nuts man like like

it's been you know typically 56,000

views a day 61 thousand a day now we're

at a hundred and fifty thousand a day

we're going to whole new levels now but

this journey was a decade my friend most

people overestimate what they can

accomplish in one year but underestimate

what they can accomplish in five to ten

you got to commit and what's so crazy

and what I believe that right now it can

be a turning point in your life your

YouTube channel your future what you're

building your vision your family is

because that's the exact thing that

happened to me 2008 2009 my wife almost

dies Sonia can told my wife we go to the

hospital for six days because she

dropped to 82 pounds because of having a

chronic illness and losing so much

weight and we end up in the hospital for

six days right at that same time we're


two homes we had a rental property again

that was undeclared income and the

structure of mortgages and all that

stuff and we were hustling in Top Ramen

to try to pay for these investments and

now she can't work anymore we're dual

income I'm challenged I'm in the

hospital room like man I got a level up

as a leader I got a level up as a man I

got a level up as a provider and what

are we gonna do

and God why is this happening but also

what's what's the next move this 2009

and in the midst of that recession and

in the midst of her health coming under

attack our finances being eviscerated

and maybe you can relate right now maybe

you've been laid off maybe you're on

furlough maybe maybe your business has

been completely disrupted or destroyed

like we just got Brock we brought got

brought down and nothing financially

lost our homes and then we were part of

a church the one that was volunteering

on and then I was part-time there we've

been there for eight years trust in your

leaders community amazing environment

got really toxic at the end so people

stole some money and it went from 1,600

people on an Easter service to 200 and

just got eviscerated so our community in

our social circle to zero

our finances to zero my wife's health to

the edge of zero she almost dies and it

was that six days in the hospital that

there was a switch that flip for me that

I got a commit and I'm gonna no matter

what I'm gonna figure this thing out and

let me kind of give you just another tip

that I really believe in if you've been

a part of our community you've heard

this before but you got to keep coming

back to it I really believe that reasons

come first results come second and you

got to ask yourself why why do you want

a thousand subscribers on YouTube why do

you want a hundred thousand why do you

want a million why and like like what's

it for and are your reasons fame fortune

followers cool maybe maybe that's that's

great is that gonna be pew motivated if

it will then then get clear on your

reasons if you wake up every day and

you're like I want to be famous cool get

clear for me

my why got so clear in that hospital

room by my wife's side and it was my

wife was my family and always how am I

gonna pay these medical bills and it was

what's our future gonna look like and if

we have kids someday and we start a


do we need to hire a full-time nanny

someone to help like how could I work

and do like how could I hate like I got

to start hustling and I was just

discovering it wasn't as clear as it is

today that online is where things are at

that ecommerce is where things are at

that online video and YouTube

consumptions going up y'all so you can

keep making excuses is it too late to

start is there too much competition is

there there's a million obstacles and

there always will be you just got to

commit to say I will until and I just a

switch flipped and I said I got to

figure out a work from home not because

I just want the light laptop lifestyle

and want to drink pina coladas with my

laptop sitting on the beach which is

ridiculous by the way I would never take

my MacBook Pro to the beach like it's

like overheating you're getting sand in

it like it's so but and by the way

respect man it's we we are all about

lifestyle by design the fact that you

could build a business around travel

around family around lifestyle it's all

beautiful but it was desperation for me

it was desperation to say man I want to

figure out this YouTube thing so we have

flexibility we have freedom this is

about family this is about fighting for

my faith and I went all-in and I just

showed you the growth curve 10 years

posted a lot of freaking videos a lot

and like I told you one of the reasons

why I think media also was so flatline

was because I was spread too thin I

think you got to get focused I did this

channel for the longest time Shawn

Cannell channel and that's where that

first video came from and it was just a

bunch of random terrible videos these

videos are horrible like if you want to

go watch them for some entertainment and

they are all over the place but my

friends I was just trying to figure out

my rhythm I was just trying to learn I'm

posting vlogs I'm reviewing amazing

spider-man I'm posting recipe for garlic

green beans

reviewing bark boxes like what is

happening like vlogging just all over

the place but sometimes you win

sometimes you learn this channel was one

giant education a bunch of experimenting

but look at this massive action posting

learning failing failing experimenting

posting trying pushing posting video

after video after video after video

after video over and over and over again

but I'm so thankful because that was the

building blocks of clarity that led to

where we are today and it's crazy to

report that 10 years later we're now

celebrating that baby Bradley we just

got like tests back like super healthy

you know of course my wife Sonya is

still dealing with chronic illness and

and a thing called gastroparesis but we

are just blown away by God's goodness

over the years but we also didn't quit

there was there was such dark seasons

scary seasons times when we wanted to

give up times when it didn't look like

we were gonna make it but we just kept

going and we did not quit I've been

committed for a decade brick by brick

video by video upload after upload and I

want to encourage you you want to get to

a thousand subscribers my friend commit

come in commit to doing it messy commit

to to posting a bunch of videos and

maybe I don't you don't want to hear

this commit I'm gonna show you this you

can probably tell him a little fired up

I'm low on edge right now shut mouth

Sean's a little on edge haha right look

at this channel 279 videos we posted on

this channel it was it was cool what we

started this by though this is me spread

across multiple channels nine years ago

we started posted videos we were

interviewing people in the faith space

the church space is called think

international you know was it successful

I mean it impacted and changed a lot of

lives at the time it was awesome we

learned a lot we impacted people but did

we go it full-time

did it turn into a movement did it - the

only reason think media is called think


cuz it was the media side of think

international by the way that's where

the name came from like Shawn how did

you come about the name we started this

thing called thing international I was

like I want to do place where we talk

about like cameras and media so let me

call it think media like if this is

called thinking or not I mean there's

like the level of thought that went into

it um and and so think media was just a

side place to post like media videos but

look at video after video after video

279 uploads and guess what this channel

we've essentially abandoned I don't

think the channel was a failure it was a

stepping stone to success but my

question is are you committed would you

be willing to build a channel even the

channel you're building right now simply

to get the lessons and the education and

the insights and the learnings to then

potentially get the moment where you go

oh that's gonna be the move that's gonna

be the thing that works and how did you

even get those insights because you were

studying because you were grinding

because you were out the YouTube

challenge because iron sharpens iron and

you learn some stuff here and you

experimented here and you practiced over

here but you didn't quit I think that's

the secret to getting to a thousand

subscribers and if you've been getting

value hit the like button I appreciate

you being here and I want to thank you

for being a part of this journey here at

think media with us and I just want

encourage you don't quit don't quit come

on sandy don't quit yes learn research

commit working on it

my Empire forever keep trying commitment

stop babbling and start dominating hey

if you got value out of this video hit

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business side of building around your

YouTube channel and we're gonna be

breaking down this proven seven step

YouTube influencer framework this is

this is now over ten years what I've

learned that we've repeated over

multiple YouTube channels we have an

it's channel right now it's a faceless

channel with nobody else you know like

it's just like outsourced video editors

it's like a YouTube automation channel

and it's get about 300,000 views every

single month following this system

following this system we're gonna be

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has been a part of our programs which

are amazing and and will let you know

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thank you for going for something and

building something and and being a part

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entrepreneurs and creators so Kevin make

you for the super chat and really

appreciate you as well thank you for

that message and history explained said

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sound yeah you could get it removed you

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lots of love man thank you ray tons

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