Can't Do 100 Push-Ups In A Row? Just Do THIS!

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the pushup is a very basic exercise and

almost anyone can perform them but I

remember when I was younger I couldn't

perform any at all it made me feel weak

now however I'm able to do a hundred

push-ups in under one minute and 15

seconds and I realized that it wasn't as

difficult to complete this challenge as

I did when I was younger whether your

goal is to hit 25 50 or 100 pushups

there are three things you need to do in

order to achieve those goals you have to

practice with correct form you have to

have a program to follow and you have to

use progressive overload we're also

going to add a few bonus tips at the end

so stay tuned throughout the video and

let's get started so correct form the

reason why it's important to perform the

exercise with correct form is because

you want your muscles to develop if you

want doing the exercise in the waver

it's going to challenge your muscles

they won't develop and essentially you

won't reach your goal the better your

form the faster they will develop the

sooner you'll hit your goal they're

different push-up variations but the one

we will focus on is the classic

shoulder-width pushup what you want to

think about when performing this push-up

is to have a shoulder width positioning

time your abs and have a straight back

now when you go towards the ground you

want to pretend your arms are locked you

don't want your elbows to get closer to

the ground that's another type of pushup

instead of that think of it as bringing

your body down between your arms this

way you'll feel the tension in your

triceps your chest and shoulders which

is going to hurt in the beginning but

don't avoid the pain it hurts because

you haven't allowed your muscles to

develop keep the form strict even if you

get lactic acids now that you know this

you want to know what program to follow

in order to achieve this goal the best

way to do it is to do four sets of 12

reps every day that's a total of 48 reps

in a day in one week you'll have done

more than

300 push-ups and all you need to do is

12 reps for 4 sets a day easy but wait

you might be thinking hey I can't even

do 12 reps we'll get into that later 12

reps will allow you to develop endurance

but it's not too many to build strength

as well between 8 to 12 and to

equilibrium to do both now when you're

able to do 4 sets of 12 reps it means

that your body weight isn't enough to

challenge your muscles anymore but

instead of increasing the amount of reps

we increase the body weights now those

12 reps are gonna feel heavy again as

they did when we started out now you

might not be able to do 12 reps what you

want to do is to do that push-ups

negatively with correct form let's say

you can't even do one pushup

then you should start off by decreasing

your body weight by beginning from your

knees and if that's too heavy you do

them negatively as well do as many as

you can normally and then add up as many

as you can negatively until you reach 12

now let's say you can only do one well

heck you have to do 12 negative push-ups

after some days you'll be able to do

them without having to do it negatively

in the beginning you might be able to do

eight reps then you do for negative reps

for maybe two three days and I can

guarantee you that you'll be able to do

twelve reps with Justin in a few days

for the result what you should expect is

this imagine yourself running with

shackles or a weighted vest or something

and we unlock the shackles or drop the

vest your entire body will feel lighter

and now you can run faster and longer so

if you do twelve reps with as much as 50

kilos excessive weight doing them

without weight is gonna be a piece of

cake and you'll be able to bust out 20

50 or

at least now personally I can bench 90

kilos for a couple of reps that's a lot

more than my own body weight so when I

do it with my own body weight it feels

pretty like the bonus tip here is when

you know how to perform the push-up

you'll have the coordination and basic

strength needed to do some bench

pressing here it's very easy to isolate

and target the muscles and also decide

what weight you want to work with this

way you can put on even more attention

to your muscles and build strength and

endurance needed to perform the pushup

try this program for 30 days and let me

know how many more reps you can do 25 50

or even a hundred you'll be extremely

surprised by the amount of push-ups

you'll be able to do in just a few days

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