3 Steps to get 100,000 SUBSCRIBERS on YouTube

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what's good YouTube today I'm going to

be showing you guys the steps you need

to take in order to get 100,000

subscribers and more importantly the

100,000 subscriber play one of the most

important things you need to do in order

to grow your YouTube channel is to plan

your success and these three steps are

gonna help you guys achieve your goal of

100,000 subscribers by helping you plan

out what you're gonna do and how you're

gonna grow your channel as always links

to my Twitter and social media are in

the description as well as the music

that's being played in this video and if

you're interested in signing up for a

network that will be at the bottom of

the description too the first thing you

guys are going to want to do is grab

something like a calendar or a daily

planner whether it's on your computer or

you have one on paper write down the

amount of subscribers that you would

like to get per day each week and at the

end of the week total up those

subscribers so for example if you want

to get one subscriber per day this week

two subscribers per day next week and

one subscriber per day the week after

it's gonna allow you to see the amount

of subscribers you should be getting on

a daily weekly and monthly basis and

although you may not know it until you

actually try it it's extremely

motivating to hold yourself to your

goals when they're written down because

when you surpass those goals that's the

type of motivation that you need that's

something that you guys need to get a

hold of is being able to write down and

calculate your success because that's

gonna help you guys reach your goals if

you find yourself making the excuse that

you don't know how to get subscribers

there are a ton of videos on YouTube and

Google that will show you different

methods you can use in order to get

subscribers and I recommend you take a

look at those but the most important

part is being able to write down your

daily goals holding yourself to it and

hopefully if you guys do it right

surpass those goals and grow your

channel to your goal hopefully that's

more than 100,000 subscribers step

number two is going to help you guys out

a lot with step number one and that's

simply by reminding your viewers in the

beginning of the video to subscribe to

your channel and giving them somewhat of

a visualization a perfect example of how

well this works is in the fortnight

screamer ninjas a twitch stream when he

reminds people that they have twitch

Prime subs all he does is remind

them about it and look how many twitch

pound subscribers he gets so you can see

how effective reminding people that they

can subscribe to your channel is and

this is gonna help you guys reach your

weekly daily monthly goals for

subscriptions and get you guys much

closer to the overall goal of this video

which is to get 100,000 subscribers so

the third and final step which i think

is incredibly important especially when

you're trying to grow your channel that

I still use to this day and I've talked

about it before is responding to

people's comments if you guys look at

your comments and there's a compliment

and critique or question especially when

you're only getting four or five

comments per day it's crucial that you

respond to any and all of your comments

you guys will see a huge spike in your

subscribers if you start doing this

again I still say that I use this today

I try to respond to as many comments as

I can answer as many questions as I can

and try and give people any critiques or

take the critiques that people give me

so this method again is probably the

most important way to get subscribers is

to respond to any and all comments that

you get I guarantee you guys will see

growth in your channel if you guys do

this so that's it for this video

remember to subscribe be sure to check

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use it for yourselves and guys but

that's that I'll see you on the next one