How To Get Your 10,000 STEPS A DAY The Easy Way | TOP 5 TIPS

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what is going on guys well here welcome

to another video and same to be talking

about steps so not that long ago I

posted a video of me walking twenty five

thousand steps a day for seven days and

the results in response from you guys

was absolutely amazing but you guys have

been asking me a lot of questions that

well I'm from Canada and when I go

outside for a walk I just get hit with

this or do you know what I get up at 6

a.m. every morning I get ready I commute

downtown for work I work a nine-to-five

desk job and by the time I get home at

his 8 o'clock at night I eat dinner and

I've absolutely no energy left to walk

so how the hell can I get my 10,000

steps in guys I got you covered I always

got you covered so in this video I'm

gonna give you five life hacks that you

can use to get your steps in on the DL

which is down low if you guys just are

slow so anyway let's get this video

started so I'm drinking a vegan shake

yes a vegan shake I'm going vegan this

week's spoiler alert for the next video

so stay tuned for that look how much my

mom messed up my sideburns yesterday I

said look like Elvis because they were

down to here so as like hey mom can you

give them a trim and then she completely

just butchers then they're all thin and

stuff but I still love you

quick little disclaimer guys these tips

are me about to give you are not magic

you're still gonna have to walk you're

still gonna have to you just you're

going to have to move and I'm gonna give

you guys some like magical like mythical

tip like hey guys for your first tip

you're gonna have to go to the woods

find a fox take a piece of its hair

bring it home add it to your tea turn

all the lights off in your house light

twenty-nine candles and start spinning

and chanting around and before you know

it you're look at your watching of

10,000 steps no guys that is not how it

works you're gonna have to get up you're

gonna have to walk sorry to say it

nothing in life is that easy if you guys

would have done that if I said that I'd

probably go see your doctor I'm just

saying that but anyway that's all I

wanted to say so bye so tip number one

is to walk when you brush your teeth I'm

no dentist but you should be brushing

your teeth at least twice a day for up

to two to three minutes I use this

electric toothbrush and it beeps me

every 30 seconds for each corner of my

mouth for up to two minutes so instead

of just looking

yourself in the mirror and saying how

beautiful you are will you brush your

teeth start walking around for two

minutes in the morning and night and the

steps are really going to add up and

you're to be very surprised okay so

let's see exactly how many steps I get

in two minutes of brushing my teeth so

my Apple watches I have 1401 steps so we

will start the timer right now all right

one set came out my Apple watch just

needs to load and load load

okay so says you got 1580 steps so that

is yeah so that's a hundred and seventy

nine steps and you times that by two and

that's three hundred and fifty eight

steps just from brushing your teeth so

that's basically three hundred fifty

eight steps that you didn't even have in

your day I feel like me a dog would be

the best thing ever you have to worry

about steps you have to worry about

anything do you accept you eat the same

food every day for every meal I know it

sucks you only leave you alone now yeah

okay bye

tip number two Isis to drink a lot of

water while drinking water is not going

to directly increase your steps that's

not what I'm saying cuz if I if I was

saying that I'd be lying to you but it

is gonna indirectly increase your steps

why because it's gonna make you want to

go to the washroom a lot more and when

you have to go to the washroom hopefully

you guys get up and go to the washroom

you use the toilet and that will cause

you to get more steps

so I drink a lot of water it's almost

impossible for me to go see a movie

without having to go to the washroom

like at least three times for the movie

so maybe you don't drink water before a

movie but you know if you're out and


slam some water get the mall you'll have

to go find a washroom and the steps add

now it's time to hit the gym see


test yeah 73 you give me that there

ain't no other choices when I lay down

and go to sleep I keep on hearing voices

little office in my head man this you

fake a lawyer by nobody pet designer

baby picture push these little demons

living underneath my pee creeper no to

hell my solicit but I'm not sleepy that

subtle breathing in your closet every

single evening thought you never see me

a kid looks can be deceiving we may hit

a sound the Trump saying okay guys so I

just got back from the gym it could work

out with mr. Matt he's the biggest arms

in probably the world so tip number

three is to not bring a water bottle to

the gym but will you just said you have

to drink so much water I don't

understand I'm confused guys I'm not

saying don't drink water I'm saying

don't bring your water bottle to the gym

and instead walk to the water fountain

every single time if I could give you

one tip that gives me the most amount of

steps this is probably the one when I go

to the gym I'm there for probably hour

to hour and a half and I walked the

water fountain every single time and I

probably get at least 2,500 steps from

that because you're have to walk from

one end of the gym all the way to the

other you know what instead of just

sitting there on your phone between sets

just walk to the water fountain take a

sip come back and that [ __ ] works

alright so I'm just here eating a vegan

macaron macaroon it is coconut almond

meal vegan chocolate super good I feel

like to be a vegan you just be very

creative it's been easy for me so far

because someone's been making me

non-stop vegan treats oh oh fail

so tip number four guys is to make

things less convenient so take the time

to do extra trips for example when you

do the groceries instead of try and

being a hero and got all the bags go one

at a time

like try to get more steps and it's an

add up it's kind of just like if you

take the stairs instead of the elevator

just the small little things make a big


tip number five guys the last and final

tip is to walk during your commercial

breaks when you watch TV if you're

someone like me who's easily entertained

and you don't mind playing games by

yourself when there's a commercial just

get up and walk get as many steps in as

you possibly can before your show gets

back on and in this day and age there's

a lot of commercials so usually when I'm

watching TV I'll just hop up and just

start walking when I hear the show come

back on I'll come back and sit down or

if you don't really want to walk away

just get up and start dragging on the

spot you probably get a lot of steps

faster that way as well

but that is pretty much it guys those

are my five tips that will help you get

10,000 steps very very easy not those

tips alone will get you 10,000 steps but

they'll contribute to many thousands of

steps for you so hopefully these tips

helped you in some way and you can

utilize them for yourself if you guys

like this video please give it a like

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new and I'll see you guys in the next