How to share someone's Twitter video without Retweeting on Android devices

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you guys don't to show you how to share

some video on Twitter how you can use it

okay and making it look like this like

this video right here

here's what we do go to the peasants

whoever this video nobody person is

let's look for a video let me see let me


I can hear let's use this this they will

play the video so do you know how I work

in this office the room is what it's

going to copy the link right here go

from here it's going to be a big tricky

you create this to this question mark

then you put this video and one then

come over here and you create this part

off yeah then you copy all copy then

we'll go back to Twitter I can go back

to return here and this is mine yeah

then click on treats paste the link over

then put whatever caption you want then