MLA Citation: How to Cite Websites

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Hi my name is Nicki Lerczak, I'm the instructional services librarian at Genesee

Community College

and this is MLA citation style

how to create references for web resources

the basic format starts with an author last name comma first name period

in quotations, title of the article or the webpage,

noticing that all of the important words are capitalized

followed by a period and then close the quote

in italics, the name of the larger website that that

page is a part of, period

after the name of the website you want to give us the publisher information

who is the one responsible, who owns the copyright

or seems like the larger group in charge of the website

if you have one

If you don't, you would put capital N, period, little

p, period

for no publisher, a comma and then the publication copyright, last update, to

whatever level you can find

it may just be a year it may be a day, month and a year

whatever level you find is good

if you don't find a date