BORDERLANDS 3 Playable Character Dialogue Differences Part 1 (FL4K, Amara, Zane, Moze)

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no Valle turns around names Marcus you

picked a hell of a time to join the

Coons and Raiders nah

you see someone survived the attack I'm


commander of the crimson raiders those

bandits you fought are part of a cult

hunting for the vault map you and I are

gonna find it first for now my Scout is

waiting for you up ahead lady in my head

goddess she spoke inside my mind

voice in my head

that voice was that another silent

this is your stop fall time no time

let's have some fun excellent

the heartbeat

good I'm locked loaded and ready to loot

I'm itching for a fight

hey you must be the new recruit

I am a CL for PTP Stuart but but you can

just call me general claptrap about