How to Get an Instant Sheet Metal Quote With Xometry

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getting an instant sheetmetal quote is

only a couple clicks away on zombocom

I'm gonna go ahead and click get a quote

browse to upload my file and the file

will instantly quote in the cheapest

process in this case it's 3d printing s

less nylon but I want to make this sheet

metal so I'm gonna click modify part


change the process to sheet metal it

takes my material to let's say aluminum

the D 52 you can see x-bike standard and

economy options when available you can

also change the part quantity on-the-fly

your pricing will constantly update for

sheet metal I can even upload my drawing

or DXF file you can configure your sheet

metal part to features even further by

adding finish this inserts specific

tolerances or even an inspection report

once ready press save properties that's