Quoting lines of prose from Shakespeare (MLA)

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hi my name is Meg Griswold gonna teach

9th and 10th grade English at Harpeth

hall and independent all-girls five

through 12 school in Nashville Tennessee

the purpose of this video is to show you

how to quote lines of prose from a

Shakespeare play

so to begin let me show you the text of

them to be working with here's a photo

of my copy of the play that I'm going to

be using so here in this is the the

texts I'm going to be using here nay you

must name his name and half his face

must be seen through the Lions neck and

he must speak through saying the sorta

the same defect there's a nice mouth

proper ate there so this is my source

text notice I know it's prose because

the lines of text go all the way to the

edge of the page there are not line

breaks that's my first hint and when I