How to embed quotes like a BOSS | Essay tips | Lisa Tran

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hey guys welcome back and if you are a

new viewer then hey my name is Lisa and

I am a VC English tutor and today we're

going to talk about how to embed quotes

into your essays like a Bowles and yes

I've won a Sweeney today because I

thought it was befitting of this video

because I'm pretty sure after what we

get through today

you guys are going to ace your essays

especially in terms of the quotations

part if you would think that quoting is

really straightforward all you need to

do is just do this if you're quoting

somebody else's word but actually when

you start integrating it into essays and

into specific sentences it can start to

get a little bit more advanced than that

I wouldn't say complicated because it is

absolutely not complicated especially

after we go through it together but just