How to quote part of a sentence

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This video will show you how to quote a phrase from a source rather than a complete sentence.

So first let's look at what we would do if we did want to quote a complete sentence.

So I've read this article about telemedicine, and it has a sentence I like: "There are certain

advantages such as reduced travel and increased access."

So let's see what that would look like if I quoted the complete sentence.

I could say, "According to Bishop, 'There are certain advantages such as reduced travel

and increased access.'"

So I've given the author credit--his name was Bishop--and I've put quotation marks around

the sentence that matches the source.

I've used a comma after my signal phrase "according to Bishop," and I've started the quote with

a capital letter because it's a complete sentence.

Now some of these things are going to change if I quote just a phrase.

I could quote just the phrase "reduced travel and increased access."

And so I could say "According to Bishop, some benefits of telemedicine are 'reduced travel

and increased access.'"

So again, I've put the quotation marks around the words that match the source.

These other words--"some benefits of telemedicine are" are not from the source.

That's in my own words.

So I need to start the quotation after I've finished my own words.

I also don't need to use the comma before the quote or the capital letter because the

quote is not a complete sentence.