"How to Estimate Paint Jobs" By Painting Business Pro

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Hey what’s up guys? This is Eric with Painting Business Pro and this video I’m going to

teach you how to do estimating. So we are going to talk about how to estimate a paint

job and we’re actually not going to cover all in one video, so on this video we are

really just going to cover the fundamentals and the basics behind how to estimate correctly

and then in another video, we are going to cover specifically interior estimating and

then in another video specifically exterior estimating. So how to come up with your prices

for interior and exterior, so that’s to come a little bit later. In this video we

are going to cover the fundamentals. I’m also going to have one other video about why

you don’t need to be so worried about pricing. And the reason I want to share that with you

guys, there is nothing I get more question about than estimating, and I don’t just

get question about estimating, I get people freaking out and concern about how they are

going to come up with prices. And you really do not need to worry about your pricing; it’s

going to work itself out. That’s really one of the last things you should be worried

about if you really seriously thinking of starting a painting business. But I see a

lot of people not starting a painting company just because they are worried about their

pricing and it’s crazy, but that’s for another video.

Okay, so there is a couple things you want understand about estimating. The first thing

you need to know, it’s not going to be exactly correct every single time and your going to

kind of roughly get in the ball park and that’s going to be okay. However, it is kind of a

scientific approach where we do want to get specific measurements and be as accurate as

we can, just to make sure that we are not over estimating anything and not under estimating