Cost To Paint Cabinets - H M Precision Painting - Cabinet Painting In Kansas City

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hi my name is Joel I'm the owner here of

hm procedure painting and in today's

video I'm going to show you and how much

it will cost to paint your cabinets so

there are three main factors that will

affect the price on painting any

cabinets so the first factor is going to

be the current condition or the current

finish of your cabinets so as you can

see here we got one side here that's

stain and then one side here that's


and so stain will always be a little bit

more so more front where that needs to

be done for stain and paints a little

bit simpler if you're gonna do another

coat thing and the second factor is also

you know you just decided to go to a

paint finish is how many tones of pink

you actually want on the kitchen so for

any cabinet so if you want for example