Short and long quotes from a poem in MLA style

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okay ladies now I'm gonna show you how

to quote a poem a poem in an MLA style

so here I have just finished a paragraph

where I was quoting a short story you

can see here I had a short quote from a

short story here it is a short quote

meaning it only took up two lines of my

paper if it takes up more than three so

four lines at any four lines even if

it's only part of the fourth line it is

considered a long quote and it needs to

go into blockquote style here is black

quote here is a block quote okay

so now I'm going to show you if you are

quoting a poem okay so here is my

finished paragraph just want to remind

you really quickly in case you didn't

watch my other video remember that your

heading should go like this your name

the teacher's name the title of the

course and then the date written in this