Two minutes with a brilliant billionaire: politics, legislation and tax

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you made the rules in 1986... I didn't try to sneak around the back door or

sneak underneath this. These rules were made in 1986. I read the rules, said "what

am I allowed to do?" and that's exactly what we've done! Now why do you want to

change the rules again? This is the first... What's happened with this operation

going on now is exactly what those rules were put in place for! It's the first

time it's been used. It's exactly what they were put in place for and we have

obeyed them absolutely. Why do you want to change the rules again? I mean since I

grew up as a boy, I would imagine that through the parliaments of Australia,

from the time I was 18 or 19 years of age to now, there must be 10,000 new laws

been passed and I don't really think it's that much a better place and I'd like

to make a suggestion to you which I think would be far more useful: If you want to

pass a new law, why don't you only do it when you've repealed an old one?

I mean this idea of just passing legislation legislation

every time someone blinks is a nonsense! Nobody knows it, nobody understands them

you've got to be a lawyer with books up to here, purely and simply to do the things we used to do

... and every time you pass a law you take somebody's privileges away

There's nothing wrong with minimizing tax!

I don't know anybody who doesn't minimize their tax...

... you were doing so in ways that were that were contrary to the spirit of

the law... Well I just got through telling you what I thought about that! I am not

evading tax in any way shape or form now, of course, I am minimizing my tax