How I Charge Landscaping Jobs Hourly vs By The Job - PRICES

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so I keep getting questions about

pricing enough about it

give me the how-to the details so I'm

winging this right now I'm actually on a

job site my guys are on the other side

and I'm gonna price some stuff out for

you so you can see at least how I do it

here's my philosophy I'm just gonna walk

around a bunch of plants and trees and

say what I would price things out now as

far as the lawn service that will

personally do lawn service but if I was

doing lawn service whatever I think the

price for lawn would be I would just

happen like like 10 20 bucks and only

take the high-priced customers and ones

that you could sell them shrub trimming

garden maintenance tree trimming all

that type of add-on stuff okay but here

goes all right these Bradford pear trees

right here we just trimmed all these up