"How to Bid (Estimate) Interior Painting" By Painting Business Pro

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hey guys this is Eric with painting

business pro and today I'm going to show

you how to bid interior so first thing I

want to say before I get into it is uh

I'm ghetto you know I bet my I've been

into your pretty ghetto but I didn't

want to make this look all sexy for you

guys because I want you guys to see that

you know I'm running a million dollar

company and you know it doesn't need to

be this really complex extravagant

process to come up with your estimating

so for me I really didn't enjoy

estimating interiors it always confused

me I've been doing mostly exterior for

like ten years and interiors always kind

of confuse me so I did never enjoy doing

interior and so I kept finding myself

every time I was doing into your bid I

was asking my subcontractor my

production manager Paul I was always