How to Cite MLA Format (website, book, article, etc.)

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hey thank you so much for watching I

know it's crunch time you got a paper

due I'm here to help you so let's get to

it so in this video we're gonna look at

some of the most common types of sources

that you're going to be citing on your

MLA works cited paper for each one we'll

look at the format that it's supposed to

follow and then we'll take a look at

example from the real world so let's go

ahead and get into it

cool so I recognize it's not 1995

anymore which means the most common

thing you're trying to cite is probably

a website let's go ahead and take a look

at what the format it's supposed to look

like for a website all right cool so if

we're gonna cite a website or a page on

a website this is what its gonna look

like here you're gonna put the last name

comma first name and a period so that's