HTML Tutorial - 11: The Blockquote and Quote Tags

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hello guys welcome to my channel this is

the eleventh tutorial in this course and

in this tutorial we'll be talking about

the block code and code tags in HTML now

I have a very simple HTML document

opened up in my text editor notepad plus

plus here and on line one in this file I

have my doctype declaration and then on

line number two I have the opening HTML

tag in a head section in between the

title tags I have the title of the

document which is block code tags as you

can see and then in the body section I

have got a couple of paragraphs so the

first paragraph has a text Forrest gums

mom always said and I quote and then on

line number eight I have another

paragraph tag opening paragraph tag for

another paragraph which is life is like

a box of chocolates you never know what

you're going to get and then this