How to Quote - Chicago Style - Basics

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hello this is James goat or this is a

video about how to quote quotation is

when you use another person's words in

your own essay but you don't plagiarize

them use quotation marks you cite your

sources and therefore you can use

another person's words as evidence or to

prove an opinion you actually or making

or point you're trying to make alright

so this video will do all of these

things you can pause if you want to see

what those things are so the first thing

you're going to do when you're when

you're quoting is you want to make sure

you can cite your quotations it's not a

lot of point in quoting someone unless

you can say where you quoted it from so

if you're doing a formal paper you're

going to want to do this sort of stuff a

full-on works cited page with a proper

citation in this case in my class we do