How to Quote Clients for Website

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what's up everybody I'm Jesse Showalter

today I want to talk about how to quote

a website project to a freelance client

so many people have written to me and

asked me how I quote projects to a do it

hourly or project base how do I present

it is there any hidden fees what do I do

about all those things is there a method

to my madness and to that I say just a

tiny bit here's the big question how

much do you charge for a website people

might write you or email you or text you

or social media you or whatever and ask

you that question hey how much you

charge for website for me how much you

gonna do that for and that is where I

use kind of a four-part equation that

gets to my quote my four-part equation

to get me to the outcome of what I'm

actually in a quota client goes

something like this