Pricing Digital Marketing Services for Your Agency in 2019 [COMPLETE GUIDE]

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One of the questions that I get from you guys all the time is "Jordan how do i

price my services for my marketing agency?" Well in today's video we're gonna

go through a bunch of the pricing strategies and tips that you're going to

want to be aware of for each different service for your marketing agency so if

you're interested in that stay tuned here we go. All right welcome back

everybody my name is Jordan Steen also known as Cereal Entrepreneur and at this

channel we talk all about starting a marketing agency building a personal

brand or really just building any kind of online business so if you're

interested in any of those topics make sure you hit the subscribe button and

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every single week now pricing your services can be super challenging and

this is something that is very important to do because it tells whether or not

your business is actually gonna make it or not and especially if you don't have

any experience this can become even more challenging so that's why in today's

video I wanted to go through the guidelines for social media marketing

email marketing website design and development pay-per-click marketing and

search engine optimization and we'll even talk about creating content for

your clients or any potential business that you might be working with and how

you're gonna want to go about pricing those services oh and make sure to stay

tuned to the end of this video where I'm gonna give you one thing that you're