Short and long quotes (fiction) in MLA style (vers. 1)

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good morning ladies I want to show you

some tips and tricks for formatting your

essay and MLA style and also how to

incorporate some of the quotes so I have

opened up a new word document and I'm

going to change the spacing so what I

would what I want you to do is I want

you to click on this button up here see

where it says paragraph there's this

little icon that's got line and

paragraph spacing you see if I hold my

mouse over it that little box pops up

and it shows out of arrows and lines

that's the line spacing I want to

actually click line spacing options I

want to see where it says after 10 point

push the down arrow until you get that

down to 0 and change this drop-down box

over here to double okay then click OK

great now I'm going to start with the

traditional MLA heading by writing my