The BEST Auto Insurance Quote Comparison Website

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all right we're going to do is show you

how to actually compare auto insurance

rates from different companies and the

website I like the best is actually

called the zebra comm so all you have to

do is come right to their page here and

just type in zip code where you live for

me it is zero four one zero three which

is located in a great city of Portland

Maine and will actually enter in my car

I own a 1997 jeep wrangler that i

usually only use in the summertime when

it's nice out there at maine so we are

going to compare quotes i just edited my

vehicle as you can see it's a very nice

website i would say a lot better than my

opinion and progressive and all these

but all you have to do is just enter in

your information on the left-hand side

and you'll see estimates as it says in

real time so we'll enter my fake