Research Papers : How to Cite an Interview in APA Style

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the APA manual doesn't actually tell us

how to cite an interview but we can

extrapolate from what they do tell us

and we follow the basic form the basic

form for an APA citation is author date

title and then if there's a publisher

and so on we would include that but here

what we're going to say for the title

and publisher and everything is personal

personal interview the date you give the

exact date not the year you give the

it's 6 June 2004 whatever it is the

author's name in this case is the person

you interviewed last name first you

don't you don't have to underline or

italicize the words personal interview

because even though it's serving as a

title it's more of a description than a

title so you don't do that but pretty

straightforward really even if they

don't tell us how to do it we can figure