How to Cite a Website MLA

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what's up guys in this video you are

going to learn how to cite a website mla

format if you're in college if you're in

high school you probably have to do MLA

citations for websites that you're using

in research papers or papers that you're

writing for school I'm going to show you

the easiest way to write an mla citation

for free to do this we're going to use

my favorite website for automatically

creating MLA citations

it's called citation machine dotnet so

I'll put a link right below this video

that'll take you right to this page but

this is how you're gonna do it this is

how easy it is let's say I've got here a

website blog article or whatever article

that I read and that I'm using as part

of my paper all you're gonna do is copy

the URL go over to citation machine make

sure that MLA is selected you're on