How to Cite Web Sites, Images, & In-text Citations in APA style (7th Edition) - Cite Right Tutorial

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website website citations usually

require authors the author may be an

individual or an organization the title

of the website the website URL and the

date of the website each element needs

to be reformatted and rearranged in

order to comply with APA style

guidelines take a look at the correct

format author date of the website title

of the website address reeved from

followed by the website URL do not put a

period after the URL if you think that

the content of the website may change in

the future

also add a date on which you found the

website image to cite an image you found

on the web

locate these elements authors title of

the image the image URL and the date in

this example the image does not have a

date so use n period d period which