What Do You Do to a Title & Quote From a Movie When Writing an Essay? : English & Writing Tips

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hi my name is Tina I'm an English

teacher and today I'm gonna be

discussing with you how you do a title

and a quote from a movie inside of an

essay the first thing you wanna do is

check with your teacher professor about

what format you should be writing in

whether that's MLA or APA that's usually

going to be a good guideline for how you

want to format the rest of it but for

the basics for the most part titles have

a universal way of writing usually want

to write them in italics and capitalize

all of the first letters of each word

except for words like the and

prepositions articles unless they're in

the very beginning and next to the quote

itself you want to include quotation

marks around the phrase so if the phrase

that you want to incorporate is the

force is strong with this one you can